Libra Sex

Details of Libra Sex Life

Looking at sex with a Libra, the average Libra native loves mental stimulation, can't stand silence, needs communication and words, sex is in the mind, rationalize feelings and emotions, social, commanding, flatterer, sports-minded. 

Yes… during sex, a Libra wants to be amused and entertained, be enthusiastic, social, not domestic, flatterer and be very attractive.
Libra Sex
Most are content with the whimpers they get from minor discourtesies (such as penetrating a little too abruptly, or biting a little too hard) but many also enjoy the outright screams of pleasure mixed with pain.

How To Sexually Please A Libra

How to (sexually) please Her (your female Libra): 

  • While facing each other, very gently run with the back and upper part of your index finger up and down her cheeks, barely touching her skin (continue for half a minute... while touching her look straight into her eyes!) 
  • touch her lips very, very gently and softly with your index finger and stroke her lips in a most gentle way. 
  • play with her hair, stroke it, brush it... 
  • nibble on her ears and most softly whisper/blow in her ear 

How to (sexually) please Him (your male Libra): 

  • kiss him passionately, BUT gently, on his mouth (no French kiss!) 
  • gently play with his hair -- if he has any ;-), otherwise touch his lips very, very gently and softly with your index finger and stroke his lips in a most gentle way. While running your finger over his lips, look him straight into the eyes! 


As direct as it is, Libra has its kinks. Spontaneous sex in unplanned places is most likely. Libra is an exhibitionist, there’s something delicious about wanting each other so badly that you’re willing to risk a charge of indecent exposure. The hallway at home will do — or the garage, or the hood of the car — anywhere, really, so long as it involves the prospect of wild, do-it-right-here-and-now action.
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