Virgo Libra Cusp Woman

About Virgo Libra Cusp Woman

Virgo Libra Cusp Woman is fatally taken up with the pursuit of an ideal. 

Attracted to beauty which is physical and sensuous (whether in art objects, nature or people), Virgo Libra cusp women are lured by color, shape, form, texture and the intriguing sound of music.

These are all "emotional buttons" to the Virgo Libra cusp woman subject, resulting in creative inspiration.
Virgo Libra Cusp Woman
Extremely sensitive to external stimuli, a Virgo Libra cusp woman react strongly to unusual tastes and aromas. She is also easily jarred by disturbing sights and sounds.

Here are notable features of Virgo Libra cusp woman:

  • Women born on the Cusp of Beauty must create a highly aesthetic environment in which to live and work. Virgo Libra cusp woman pride herself on being up-to-date and aware of the latest trends in fashion, art and technology. Although others may view these interests as being merely "trendy," there can be no denying that the taste of Virgo Libra cusp women can be exceedingly valuable to the organizations with which they are say nothing of the information they have to offer.
  • Virgo Libra cusp woman often possess an excellent executive, marketing and management skills. Here, the inherent sixth sense for current development in her fields stands her in good stead.
  • In extreme cases, such Virgo Libra woman may become snobbish and elitist, associating only with those she feel are worthy of her attentions, or through whose influence she can advance socially.
The greatest strength of Virgo Libra woman cusp is to be found in her attention to details and her desire to be of service. She picks up on the little things that most others might miss while her drive for peace and harmony, coupled with her ability to obtain balance and cooperation from a disparate group, is unparalleled. Indeed, the skill of Virgo Libra cusp women to be able to see all sides of a situation makes them one of the most just and fair characters of the Zodiac.
Virgo Libra Cusp Woman Love Compatibility
As with all cusp individuals, Virgo Libra cusp woman is compatible to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Capricorn Aquarius cusp and Aries Taurus cusp combinations. 
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