Virgo Libra Cusp Traits

Detailed Virgo Libra Cusp Traits

A look at Virgo Libra cusp traits attest to the inherent artistic talent of this cusp combination. 

Indeed, some very famous and successful designers of ladies' wearing apparel have been natives of the Virgo Libra cusp, as well as capable and competent artists in other areas.

The arts are of great interest to these natives and they acquire proficiency in such pursuits when they devote their energies in those directions.
Virgo Libra Cusp Trait

Here are notable Virgo Libra Cusp Traits:

  • Virgo Libra cusp individuals possess the discriminating and rational traits inherent in Virgo and also possess the social traits inherent in Libra.
  • Also, Virgo Libra cusp natives have a trait to be obsessed with beauty and sensuousness. Hence there is need to avoid becoming jaded, trendy or compulsive.
  • They are also prone to be very attentive and concerned with details.
  • Tend to lack depth in the intuitive and emotional spheres. The most important lesson to be learned by Virgo Libra cusp natives is to strive for balance while curbing the tendency to become fickle and indecisive.
  • Need to try and not be overly-concerned with outward appearances.
Also, Virgo Libra cusp individuals need to keep the nervous system under control. Invariably highly-strung, subjects of this cusp are liable to suffer from disorders of the stomach, nerves and bowels.
There is natural tendency for Virgo Libra cusp individuals toward self-criticism in minor matters, which keeps them quite steadfast where more important things are at stake. If efforts are systematized in big directions, then these natives will automatically overcome lesser complications.
Nonetheless, the logic associated with this cusp will enable its subjects to modify judgment in light of later facts.
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