Virgo Libra Cusp

Detailed Information on Virgo Libra Cusp

Persons Born September 21 to September 29
The Virgo Libra cusp combination is also known as the Cusp of Beauty. Natives of this cusp are fatally taken up with the pursuit of an ideal. 

Attracted to beauty which is physical and sensuous (whether in art objects, nature or people), these individuals are lured by color, shape, form, texture and the intriguing sound of music. These are all "emotional buttons" to the Virgo Libra cusp subject, resulting in creative inspiration.
Virgo Libra Cusp
Extremely sensitive to external stimuli, these souls react strongly to unusual tastes and aromas. They are also easily jarred by disturbing sights and sounds. In short, these natives born on the Cusp of Beauty must create a highly aesthetic environment in which to live and work.

Here are brief personalities of individuals born of Libra Scorpio Cusp:

  • Possess the discriminating and rational traits inherent in Virgo
  • Possess the social traits inherent in Libra
  • Tend to be obsessed with beauty and sensuousness
  • Prone to be very attentive and concerned with details
  • Tend to lack depth in the intuitive and emotional spheres
  • Need to try and not be overly-concerned with outward appearances
  • Need to avoid becoming jaded, trendy or compulsive
  • Need to keep the nervous system under control
As companions, these natives are pure fun. Imaginative and free-spirited with a happy disposition, they bring life to any gathering and win many friends. However, those governed by this cusp combination also harbor an emotional dark side with which their acquaintances and partners will be obliged to cope.
The inherent artistic talent of Virgo Libra cusp combination is manifested in many ways. Indeed, some very famous and successful designers of ladies' wearing apparel have been natives of the Virgo Libra blend, as well as capable and competent artists in other areas. The arts are of great interest to these natives and they acquire proficiency in such pursuits when they devote their energies in those directions.
The greatest strength of Virgo Libra cuspians is to be found in their attention to detail and their desire to be of service. They pick up on the little things that most others might miss while their drive for peace and harmony, coupled with their ability to obtain balance and cooperation from a disparate group, is unparalleled. Indeed, the skill of these natives to be able to see all sides of a situation makes them one of the most just and fair characters of the Zodiac.
The most important lesson to be learned by Virgo Libra Cusp natives is to strive for balance while curbing the tendency to become fickle and indecisive.
Love Compatibility for Virgo Libra Cusp individuals
As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Capricorn Aquarius Cusp and Aries Taurus Cusp combinations.
Notable Virgo Libra Cusps Individuals Include:

Cardinal Richelieu; Twiggy; Sophia Loren; H.G. Wells; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Anna Karina; and Bruce Springsteen
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