Scorpio Man Libra Woman

Scorpio Man Libra Woman Love Relationships

Perhaps the best description of the Libra woman Scorpio man relationship would fall into the love hate category.
The intense Scorpio man avowal of love and flattery will undoubtedly be exceedingly attractive to the Libra woman in the beginning of this relationship...and even the jealous possessiveness of Scorpio man will initially be regarded by Libra woman as romantic...but it will not be long before the Libra partner starts to feel trapped and confined.
Unfortunately, at the first indications of this, the Scorpio man will only cling that much tighter, possibly resulting in the Libra woman being driven into an affair with someone who does not make her feel restricted in any way.
Scorpio Man Libra Woman Relationships
Scorpio men can be of a forgiving nature but any infidelity will never be forgotten by this man. Thus, if the Scorpio man does happen to take the erring Libra woman back after she has strayed, it may well be only be to get revenge for the unfaithful act. Here, it is unlikely that Libra woman will find it easy to stand up to the forcefulness of the Scorpio man and Libra woman sense of justice is sure to be outraged by such behavior.

Here are various points for a good Scorpio man Libra woman union

  • In order to achieve any form of peace and harmony, it will be necessary for Libra woman to be more considerate of Scorpio man's feelings and recognize the deep love that Scorpio man may have for her.
  • On the other hand, the Scorpio man must try to keep an open mind and not be so restrictive in his attitudes toward Libra woman.
  • In addition, the Scorpio man will have to handle all the couple's finances since Libra woman sees little sense in budgets and refuses to waste time in worrying over paying the bills.
  • While both individuals here are endowed with a healthy appetite in the romantic arena, Scorpio men tends to be all passion and somewhat animistic in the approach to satisfaction.

Alternatively, Libra woman requires mental stimulation and much excitement if one partner is to satisfy for any length of time. The needs of Libra woman is triggered by the frame of mind and it will be the responsibility of the Scorpio man to provide this stimulus in the form of books, films, etc., and to use it accordingly. 
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