Pisces Man Libra Woman

Pisces Man Libra Woman Love Relationships

Pisces man and Libra woman relationship is usually a winning combination...the best decisions are made by employing both the emotions and the intellect. Hence, Pisces man Libra woman combine the head and the heart to solve all problems.
Actually, Pisces man Libra woman union tends to be an extremely flexible and progressive relationship. 

However, when problems occur, communication between Libra woman and Pisces man is likely to break down and the Libra partner...who can at times be mentally manipulative...may give Pisces man the "silent treatment."
Pisces Man Libra Woman Relationships

Here are notable positive and negative features of Pisces man Libra woman relationships:

Positive Feature of Pisces man Libra woman Relationships
  • Libra woman will approve of the romantic manner and sensitivity of the Pisces man which, when directed toward Libra woman, will make Libra woman feel like the most wonderful person in the entire universe.
  • If these two do engage in an argument, both are more than willing to quickly forgive and forget. Libra woman abhors conflict in any event and will do almost anything to avoid it, while Pisces man possesses an abundance of empathy, capable of forgiveness courtesy of understanding for his partner's position.
  • Both are outwardly modest and while Libra woman is fond of a little recognition, Pisces man will not mind taking the passenger seat. In addition, if Libra woman generates a new idea and then suddenly loses interest...as sometimes happens with those governed by this Sign...the Pisces partner will have no objection to also switching directions.
  • It is inherent in the Pisces character that most of its natives tend to be somewhat paranoid and self-pitying. In short, these individuals often believe that someone somewhere is doing or thinking something bad against them. Feeling sorry for the Pisces subject could actually be the catalyst for a Libra woman Pisces man union, since Libra woman is sure to try and cheer up the Pisces man.

Negative Features of Pisces man Libra woman Relationships
  • Within Pisces man Libra woman union, there will always be an undercurrent of friction, but neither individual will ever truly be the leader. Although there may be frequent disagreements, the differences of opinion are not likely to last very long and the only real trouble here may result from a shared tendency to slow down to the point of stopping when these two get together.
  • Problems here are rare, but the Libra woman can be too mentally manipulating on occasion. Sometimes, this couple will stop in mid-action due to both of them possessing indecisive natures and when working on a project together...be it their love relationship or otherwise...it can be difficult to spur them forward.
  • While the Pisces man will be content with the exclusive company of Libra woman, the Libra woman's love of social affairs may generate jealousy and disharmony in the relationship.
Pisces man and Libra woman is a couple who are well-matched in terms of enthusiasm, energy and desire for a sincere relationship...but at the end of the day, this partnership is not usually considered a favorable candidate for longevity.
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