Libra Symbol

Facts About Libra Symbol

Libra symbol...or glyph...of Libra is generally considered to be a representation of the Beam of the Balance. 

However, in ancient times, it was thought to depict the top of the Euphratean Altar. 

Of course, the standard image of Libra is that of the scales, indicative of balance, equilibrium and justice...a sign of cosmic reciprocity and cooperation rather than competition.
Libra Symbol
Libra Scale
It is also said to be the Spirit in its material expression, ready to ascend back to its original pristine state...the junction point of the world and that which is beyond.
In some cultures, Libra symbol is said to symbolize the setting Sun as it descends over the horizon and a more lowly description that has been given to this symbol is that of a humpback bridge.
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