Names of Stars of Libra Constellation

Names of Stars In Constellation Libra

Constellation Libra names of stars are:

α Librae, Zubenelgenubi ("southern claw"), a visual binary;
β Librae, Zubeneschamali ("northern claw");
γ Librae, Zubenelakrab ("scorpion's claw");
σ Librae, Brachium an eclipsing variable.

σ Librae was formerly known as γ Scorpii despite being well inside the boundaries of Libra.
Names of Stars In Constellation Libra
It was not redesignated as σ Librae until 1851 (by Benjamin A. Gould).

Traditionally, α and β Librae are considered to represent the scales' balance beam, and γ and σ are the weighing pans.
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