Location of Libra Constellation

 Location of Libra Constellation

Location of Libra constellation is to the South between Virgo the Virgin and Scorpius the Scorpion.

Libra is also bordered by Hydra the Sea-Serpent, Centaurus the Centaur, Lupus the Wolf, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Serpens the Serpent.
As of 2002, the Sun appears in the constellation Libra from October 31 to November 22. In tropical astrology, the Sun is considered to be in the sign Libra from September 23 to October 22, and in sidereal astrology, from October 16 to November 15
Location of Libra constellation
Location of Libra Constellation

Stars in Libra constellation is fairly faint, with no first magnitude stars, and lies between Virgo to the west and Scorpius to the east.

The brightest stars in Libra form a quadrangle:

  • α Librae, Zubenelgenubi ("Located in southern claw"), a visual binary;
  • β Librae, Zubeneschamali ("Located in northern claw");
  • γ Librae, Zubenelakrab ("Located in scorpion's claw");
  • σ Librae, Brachium an eclipsing variable. 
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