Libra Ascendant Woman

Facts About Libra Ascendant Woman

Libra ascendant woman is vibrant, vivacious and thoroughly captivating. She is the epitome of diplomacy and tact, in addition to being a woman who is trusted by her friends. She is blessed with taste and sense of refinement...but on the negative side, her love of the good life can lead to laziness and something of a selfish nature.

The truth is; women ruled by Libra possesses a delicate and rather spiritual appeal. This is usually a rather exotic-looking woman with a rare and exquisite personality. However, in actuality, she is nowhere near as fragile as she seems to be.
A fine mental companion, the Libra woman is wise in the ways of partnership and extremely capable of bringing harmony into a home and family environment.
Libra Ascendant Woman

Here are notable features of Libra women:

Desires affection above all else

In their hearts, every female governed by Libra truly desires affection above all else, closely followed by sympathy and interest. These are women who are forever seeking the ideal companion.

Wise, witty, entertaining, tolerant, amusing and wonderfully rewarding persons

When young, Libra women are rather like beautiful flowers, being very lovely to look at. With the advancement of years, however, they often find that life has educated them to high degree…..and are wise, witty, entertaining, tolerant, amusing and wonderfully rewarding persons to know.

Warmth and affectionate

As sweethearts, Libra women are irresistible and as long-term partners, they are intriguing, being both feminine and fun. As mothers, they are not always ones to concentrate on their children, but do radiate warmth and affection that provides them with a sense of security.

Attractive, mix well

Far from "fluffy" in their thinking, Libra women can be great help to the success of any mate's career. In short, they are attractive, mix well and tend to get along with everyone, being tactful and shrewd.

Prone to ignore some harsh realities 

Indeed, they are generally willing to devote an abundance of attention into the process of making life beautiful...which frequently includes ignoring some of the harsher realities and avoiding any type of action that could disturb the peace or status quo.


In essence, the talent for harmony is one of Libra women's special gifts. They possess an instinctive knowledge of how to get along with people and usually attract an interesting social circle. Still, they will never neglect their own family, bestowing upon them all the loving attention of which their gracious natures are capable.
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