Loving A Libra Woman

Loving A Libra Woman

Loving a Libra woman centers on the connection of your heart...to her world and her mind. In short, Libra woman prefer the "goodies"...the romantic gestures and the love notes. 

To a Libra woman, love is an idealized vision, complete with setting, tone and atmosphere.
The truth is; in her heart, every female governed by Libra truly desires affection above all else, closely followed by sympathy and interest. This is a woman who is forever seeking the ideal companion.
Libra Woman Desires

Here are other notable Libra woman love desires:

  • For a long-term commitment, Libra woman desire an adventurous and intelligent mate...one who is preferably fairly well off, but there is no aversion here to aiding a partner when it comes to accumulating the good things of life.
  • Although infinitely capable, this woman is somewhat adverse to manual labor...especially if it means getting "down and dirty." Indeed, the Libra female prefers to snuggle into a luxurious pile of cushions and summon assistance.
  • She prefer a partner who can surround her with beauty...lovely objects in good taste, beautiful thoughts, ideas and statements, glorious proposals and projects, for example.
  • There is a tendency here for the Libra woman to acquiesce to the desires of her family and enter a long term commitment with an individual of great potential rather than one she truly loves. Involvement with this woman should never be contemplated unless the potential partner is serious about the relationship.
  • In general, the physically intimate side of a relationship is not as important to this woman as it might first appear to be, although she is definitely a flirt and rather enjoys playing one admirer against another.
  • The Libra woman is also rather thrilled when a prospective mate likes, approves and gets along well with other persons that she holds dear. In fact, any potential partner must always be willing to share her Libra mate with other close ties if the relationship is to survive.

Loving a Libra woman, you should know she desires beauty and beautiful things. However, she can at times be too materialistic in her interpretation of beauty. There is hidden depth here, but most Libra women are fearful of plumbing too deep. They tend to skate on the surface...hovering and darting like the magnificent dragonfly.
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