Libra Woman and Infidelity

Libra Woman and Infidelity

Looking at Libra woman and issue of infidelity, you will agree that a woman born of Libra is possibly the worst kind of flirt, but only uses this trait as an ego-booster and nothing more. 

She has an inner desire for immediate and warm relationship, coupled with a constant seeking to identify with the world around her by participating in the lives of others to the fullest extent. An outlet for expressing emotions is of the utmost importance for happiness. 
Libra Woman and Infidelity
Yes…Libra woman abhor loneliness and is a creature of moods...yet tend to look for companionship rather than more profound affairs.

Here are points to consider when it comes to Libra woman and infidelity:

Inherent Love of Romance

Being true romantics, love is paramount in the life of a Libra woman. Indeed, love is all and everything would be well lost for the sake of love...if only the strength could be found to make such a sacrifice.

Always Trying to Please People around her

Women governed by this Sign are generally inclined to take the middle course during life, veering neither to the right nor to the left, but steering a path that will please the majority of those around them. 

Susceptible to outside influence

Libra women are very susceptible to being influenced by those who impress them, and will imitate the manners of such persons and may even pick up on their traits. However, since everything associated with this Sign is related to balance, the susceptibility of a Libra woman will be offset somewhat by a strong-mindedness that can become firm and unflinching in purpose. 


When it comes to issue of Libra woman and infidelity, you have to observe that her secret fear is being alone with herself. This is a loving woman who will find a way around any impasse to bring peace and harmony into life and lives of others...and whatever the method of achieving that may be, she will mean everything from the bottom of her heart.

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