Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

Libra Woman Aquarius Man Love Relationships

The truth is; Libra woman and Aquarius man match results in a union that can serve to heighten and strengthen the consciousness of both Signs.

This pair connects on a very high mental level. They share a love of art, people and culture. They also have a mutual aversion to restrictive influences in their lives.

Usually, this couple will get along well because they have such similar needs and do not require more of one another than each are willing to give.
Libra Woman Aquarius Man Love Relationships

Here are positive and negative aspects of Libra woman and Aquarius man relationships:

Positive Aspects of Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Union
  • These are two energetic and enthusiastic souls and their relationship is unlikely to ever become stagnant. Both Libra and Aquarius are concerned with the betterment of the world and their fellow humans.
  • These are born balancers, possessed with a desire to avoid conflict and blessed with a love of intellectual freedom.
  • In past relationships, it is likely that physical intimacy did not mean much to the Aquarius partner but with Libra woman, that changes drastically and radically.
  • Libra woman is impulsive and will strive to show Aquarius man the joys of being spontaneous.

Negative Aspects of Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Union
  • Perhaps the chief stumbling block is that the opinions of others mean very little...if anything at natives of Aquarius and he will find it difficult to understand how Libra woman can be wounded by a cruel remark from someone else.
  • Indeed, in the eyes of the Aquarius mate, it is possible that he considers Libra woman to be somewhat overly sensitive.
  • Another major potential problem may be misunderstandings due to the Aquarius partner being somewhat unpredictable from time to time and, on occasions for no apparent reason, he may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate.


While there are some aspects of the two personalities that each will find irritating, this couple will find it easier than most Signs to reach a compromise. In short, Libra woman and Aquarius Man union is a very favorable relationship and one that is likely to last an extremely long time.
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