Libra Traits

Detailed Traits of Libra Personality

Talking about Libra traits, I will say; Libra is the Sign of justice in the Zodiac, indicative of persons who balance everything to a nicety, always trying to promote good will and friendship...even if they must go to extremes to do so.

Actually, Libra trait is accentuated by the inherent love of harmony and beauty, reflected by the beneficent glow of Venus, this Sign's Ruling Planet.

Here are positive and negative Libra Traits

Positive Libra Traits includes:
Romantic, charming and refined
Negative Libra Traits includes:
Frivolous and easily influenced by others
Libra Traits
Being the middle Air Sign, Libra is expected to be (and is) a gifted communicator...energetic and ambitious...sometimes generous to a fault and frequently brimming with inspiration.

Here are other notable Libra traits:

Abhor loneliness and are creatures of moods

Libra individuals abhor loneliness and are creatures of moods...yet tend to look for companionship rather than more profound affairs. Although the intellect is highly developed, those ruled by this Sign are not necessarily scholarly. Still, a rich imagination endows their lives with the color and pace they desire, even if such is not attained in a realistic sense.

Propensity to work to the point of exhaustion

There is a propensity here for Libra natives to work themselves to the point of exhaustion, often attending to irrelevant details and side-issues instead of the main task in hand, and this will be something that requires careful watching.

Dissatisfied with anything wherein they are disregarded

Natives of Libra grow dissatisfied with anything wherein they are disregarded...even if it is to their own best interests. If they are not consulted on a matter, then they consider it unfair play and their high sense of impartiality is offended.

Original in ideas and quite farsighted

Although these individuals are frequently imitative in conduct, they are likely to be original in ideas and quite farsighted because of their intuitive qualities. In addition, the inherent love of harmony makes them very fond of music.

Tenderness toward the afflicted and distressed

Due to the measureless sympathy of those ruled by this Sign, they love humanity for itself alone. They display the utmost tenderness toward the afflicted and distressed...for the worthy unfortunates, no matter how lowly...and their goodness does not content itself with mere expressions of sympathy.

Make personal sacrifices and of practical assistance.

Any worthy cause appeals to these natives in such a strong fashion that they will not hesitate to make personal sacrifices in order to be of practical assistance. This tendency also extends to the brutal and inhumane treatment of dumb animals. Indeed, there are probably no kinder-hearten people in the world than those governed by Libra.
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