Libra Sun Virgo Moon

About Libra Sun Virgo Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon combination produces a personality that is supremely self-sufficient, analytical and critical. These are individuals who reason things out and are not likely to be swept off their feet by anything emotional that fails to fit their needs.

Not much escapes the perceptive and meticulous attention of these natives and they usually display little reluctance in getting things off their chests. Indeed, at times, they can be a somewhat vocal in expressing their views. 
Libra Sun Virgo Moon
They seem reasonable in arguments but customarily, they merely do exactly what they want regardless of what is decided in the discussion.

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Libra Sun Virgo Moon Individuals:

Seldom hold a grudge
When Libra Sun Virgo Moon persons truly do get upset...which is not very often...they seldom hold a grudge. To these individuals, everything is always very cut and dried and it is difficult for them to understand how anyone could rationally perceive something in a different light.
Can be very objective
It is easy for them to be objective since emotions have little impact on their decisions. Courtesy of a significantly sympathetic side to this nature, they can appear more warmhearted than they really are.
Good listeners

Libra Sun Virgo Moon natives are good listeners when others have a problem, but may be lacking in the human touch with a tendency to oversimplify any resolution.
A love for a good time or a social gathering
Always ready for a good time or a social gathering, Libra Sun Virgo Moon persons have an attachment to old friends but not so much emotional attachment to past events. In essence, they are not particularly emotional about anything, with most of their assessments and pronouncements carrying something of a "matter of fact" tone.

Some Famous Libra Sun Virgo Moon Personalities

* Harry Anderson
* Melissa Sue Anderson
* Lenny Bruce
* William Faulkner
* Deborah Kerr
* Auguste Lumiere
* Ziggy Marley
* Margaret Thatcher
* Michelle Trachtenberg
* Tiffany Trump
* Jean-Claude Van Damme
* Serena Williams 
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