Libra Sun Taurus Moon

About Libra Sun Taurus Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Taurus Moon combination produces a charming personality with an abundance of independence and purpose. Indeed, personality is probably the greatest asset here. Thus, personal charm and attractiveness become the keynote.

These individuals possess a friendly character and the ability to project this makes for very likable souls. The emotional balance, courtesy and affability of Libra blend well with the stability, firmness, determination; and set purpose associated with Taurus.
Libra Sun Taurus Moon
By nature easygoing, the Libra Sun Taurus Moon combination may be somewhat slow at times in getting started along lines of major activity, but there is an inherent ability for sound judgment that will assure practical results. 

These natives will search for shortcuts and efficient ways of getting things accomplished in order to avoid wasting energy. Yet, despite looking for that easier way, there is a strong determination to get the job done.

Here are other features and characteristics of Libra Sun Taurus Moon persons:

Experts in business
The personality of this Sun Moon blend is a wonderful asset in business dealings. These are persons who know how to get along with others and can avoid doing the wrong things courtesy of control over emotional impulses. In addition, the tactful handling of business contacts, associates and partners tends to attract opportunities for this combination.
Prone to sentiment and/or romanticism
There is much sentiment and/or romanticism in the nature of these individuals and their true happiness may depend upon assuring firm or lasting romantic associations.
Possess aesthetic inclinations
Aesthetic inclinations are strongly marked, lending a deep interest in art and/or music. Libra Sun Taurus Moon subjects appreciate the finer things in life and may succeed in a cultural direction.
Have good sense of balance and equilibrium
Libra Sun Taurus Moon individuals have a good sense of balance and equilibrium. They are also blessed with a profound understanding of the major principles of life. Good judgment, coupled with practical talent and patient effort, can carry these individuals far while the capacity for mental and emotional balance usually assures peace and success in life.

Some Famous Libra Sun Taurus Moon Personalities

* Amy Carter
* Johnnie Cochran
* Angie Dickinson
* Carrie Fisher
* F. Scott Fitzgerald
* Lee Iacocca
* Jesse Jackson
* Walter Matthau
* George Peppard
* Harold Pinter
* Sigourney Weaver
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