Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon

About Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon combination results in a nature that is aspiring and expansive. These subjects are highly adventurous and apt to move around in search of a variety of experiences.

They are open and accepting of others. In short, to this Sun Moon mix, "people are people." Quite possibly, there is no more openhearted and unbiased soul than the Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon individual.

Possessing a positive spirit and the feeling that ideals are workable, these natives hold to such ideals until there is irrefutable proof to the contrary.
Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon
This credo extends very much to humankind since those who fall under the jurisdiction of this blend believe that everyone is essentially good...and that good is sure to triumph over evil. There is an expectation here for happy endings.

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon persons:

Outgoing and eager to meet new people
Indeed, Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are incurable optimists. They are outgoing and eager to meet new people, but often convey a sense of not having much free time to get to know them.
Success is usually achieved courtesy of charm and positive efforts
There is little that is stable or secure about this combination. Natives of Libra Sun Sagittarius mix appear to be so much on the go that their roots are never truly sunk deeply enough in anyone...or even any social issue. Success is usually achieved courtesy of charm and positive efforts.

Usually abstract in their thinking
Libra Sun Sagittarius persons are usually abstract in their thinking and hence they tend to become visionary and rather impractical with regard to business and personal affairs.

Some Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Personalities

* Brian Botano
* Toni Braxton
* Art Buchwalk
* Andrew Dice Clay
* Montgomery Clift
* Patti Davis
* Jeff Goldblum
* Charlton Heston
* Dakota Johnson
* Tommy Lee
* Sean Lennon
* Michael McKean
* Steve Miller
* Isaac Mizrahi
* Mario Puzo
* Christopher Reeve
* Tim Robbins
* Susan Smith
* Eric Van Halen
* Stevie Ray Vaughan
* Stephanie Zimbalist
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