Libra Sun Pisces Moon

About Libra Sun Pisces Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Pisces Moon combination produces a personality with much breadth and scope. 

In their own quiet and pensive way, these natives are constantly watching, staring, observing and mulling over in their minds what they have seen.

They are extremely sensitive souls and there is far more to these individuals than ever truly meets the eye. By nature, Pisces is highly receptive and deep, lending a timid cast to the social animal that is normally associated with Libra.
Libra Sun Pisces Moon
Thus, Libra Sun Pisces Moon blend results in a person who is frequently perceived as being standoffish, aloof or distant. As might be expected, the influence of Libra balks against this tendency since it is inherently the most sociable of the Zodiac Signs.

These contradictory pulls make those who fall within the jurisdiction of a Libra Sun Pisces Moon very difficult for others to understand.

Here are other features and characteristics of Libra Sun Pisces Moon individuals:

Reserve and shy
Here, reserve and shyness seems to be the main strengths and the only thing preventing these individuals from becoming social hermits is the inner core of fortitude that urges them to become involved in life instead of sitting on the sidelines.
Expresses quiet and subdued manner

In group situations, unlike many Libra types, Libra Sun Pisces Moon mix does not overwhelm others with polite charm and an outgoing personality. Rather, they express a quiet and subdued manner than seems to take little if any effort on their part, no matter how much activity is going on around them.
Genuine concern for humankind
They harbor a genuine concern for humankind and manage to convey this quite easily. In addition, they are superb listeners.
Not necessarily an "idealist."
Although an "idea" person, this individual is not necessarily an "idealist." Natives of Libra Sun Pisces Moon blend tend to get along with moderate effort, relying chiefly on their good sense.
Possess something of a sixth sense
Indeed, they appear to possess something of a sixth sense that helps them in many of their endeavors as they can grasp abstractions and intricacies...both mentally and emotionally. Masterful in the field of guesswork, the Libra Sun Pisces Moon subject is almost invariably an exceedingly good detective.

Some Famous Libra Sun Pisces Moon Personalities

* Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith
* Sarah Bernhardt
* Chuck Berry
* Kirk Cameron
* Al Capp
* Chubby Checker
* Aleister Crowley
* Kieran Culkin
* Joan Cusack
* Dick Gregory
* Rita Hayworth
* Heinrich Himmler
* Lillie Langtry
* Kellie Martin
* Meat Loaf
* Anthony Newley
* Eugene O'Neill
* Marie Osmond
* Cliff Richard
* Judy Sheindlin
* Alicia Silverstone
* Cheryl Tiegs
* Barbara Walters
* Dottie West
* Catherine Zeta-Jones
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