Libra Sun Leo Moon

About Libra Sun Leo Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Leo Moon combination produces a very romantic personality.

These natives may even make a career of love affairs and no matter how dull the remainder of their lives might be, they will never find matters of the heart to be routine or boring. While these are refined, devoted and discreet individuals, a wild love affair is well within their capacity.

Here, the ideals are basically guiding stars and this Sun Moon mix will adhere to those ideals no matter what, pursuing goals with an abundance of enthusiasm and dedication. 
Libra Sun Leo Moon

Here are notable features and characteristics of Libra Sun Leo Moon individuals:

Inherent streak of pride
There is a streak of pride inherent in the nature of Libra Sun Leo Moon combination that can prove to be a restriction from ever stepping below the natural position or station in life.
Possess passive nature
In certain ways, the Libra Sun Leo Moon blend can result in a passive nature when it comes to ambition. In the arenas of career or professional life, for example, these natives frequently seem to be held in low gear by a force working like the law of inertia.
Pleasantry, sociability and love of luxury traits
Since both Libra and Leo are Signs of pleasantry, sociability and love of luxury, these traits may lessen motivation and increase complacency in Libra Sun Leo Moon individuals.
Enjoy the company of friends
These are souls who, as a general rule, like other people and greatly enjoy the company of friends, family and even casual acquaintances. When crossed or taken advantage of, these natives seemingly fail to understand exactly what happened and are usually rather bewildered by the whole issue.

Some Famous Libra Sun Leo Moon Personalities

* Scott Bakula
* Jackie Collins
* Catherine Deneuve
* Britt Ekland
* Mohandas Gandhi
* Bryant Gumbel
* Paul Hogan
* Evel Knievel
* Thelonius Monk
* George C. Scott
* Pierre Trudeau
* Desmond Tutu
* Oscar Wilde
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