Libra Sun Cancer Moon

About Libra Sun Cancer Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon combination produces an idealist bent on finding romantic adventures. This will be a deep feeling and understanding individual. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blend well here with the depth of feeling, sensitivity and tenacity inherent in Cancer.

These persons often experience some confusion in their lives because what they think and what they feel may be at odds. Thus, it is very difficult for these subjects to decide what to do, given that reality and fantasy each battle constantly for attention.
Libra Sun Cancer Moon
Very much idealistic dreamers, Libra Sun Cancer Moon natives tend to hold themselves somewhat removed from the rest of society.

Yet, they are fond of people...wanting and needing human contact, and are so consonant that there is some danger that others will take advantage of the malleable manner inherent in this character blend.

Here are other notable features and characteristics of Libra Sun Cancer Moon individuals:

Skilled at avoiding conflicts
These are souls that understand the feelings and moods of those around them. Hence, Libra Sun Cancer Moon individuals are extremely skilled at avoiding conflicts and clashes of temperament.
Lovers of freedom, justice, equality and independence

This position personifies the ideals of any peace movement as natives of this combination are true lovers of freedom, justice, equality and independence. By nature so peaceful and tactful, they will avoid arguments and any form of strife if at all possible.
Wonderfully adaptable personalities
Persons who fall under the jurisdiction of Libra Sun Cancer Moon mix are wonderfully adaptable, flawlessly assuming the "color" of their surroundings. This is an individual who minds his or her own business and never imposes upon the rights of others.
Not customarily assertive
Libra Sun Cancer Moon natives are unlikely to become fighters for social justice or the rights of the masses simply because they are not customarily assertive. Their philosophies are almost exclusively centered in themselves...something of a "live and let live" attitude.
Possess strong aesthetic sense
Refined tastes and a strong aesthetic sense here tend to encourage interest in the artistic things life has to offer.

Some Famous Libra Sun Cancer Moon Personalities

* Sasha Cohen
* Alfred Dreyfus
* Graham Greene
* Evander Holyfield
* Olivia Newton-John
* Eleanor Roosevelt
* Paul Simon
* Suzanne Somers
* P.G. Wodehouse
* "Weird Al" Yankovic
* Moon Unit Zappa 
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