Libra Sun Aries Moon

About Libra Sun Aries Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Aries Moon combination produces a personality which is not easily tied down or fenced in.
It is one that dislikes obligation, duty or possessiveness. Routine, responsibility and details depress these natives, who delight in pulling practical jokes and catching others off-guard.

Being erratic and impulsive, the Libra Sun Aries Moon individual enjoys life most when it is exciting and full of surprises.
Libra Sun Aries Moon
This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra with the confidence, assertiveness and enthusiasm associated with Aries, resulting in an extroverted and open character. 

Here are notable features and characteristics of Libra Sun Aries Moon individuals:

Strives to maintain equilibrium and peace
Those who fall within the jurisdiction of Libra Sun Aries Moon mix are likely to appear more assertive and/or forceful than they actually are since, despite personal impulsiveness; they strive to maintain equilibrium and peace. Nonetheless, from time to time, such individuals cannot help but display a devil-may-care attitude.
Habit inconsistency and not finishing what is started
Fond of supporting the underdog and in many ways, a true soldier for justice, the Libra Sun Aries Moon individual will be carried along by enthusiasm as long as his or her interest maintains. However, there is a tendency toward inconsistency and the unfortunate habit of not finishing what is started.
Self-sufficient and mentally independent
Libra Sun Aries Moon individuals are souls who influence others with their intensity of thinking and positive emphasis of personality. They are self-sufficient and mentally independent with an ability to control emotions and feelings, which increases their authority and/or influence over those around them.
Kindness and need for justice
An innate refinement, courtesy, kindness and need for justice in all things, definitely favors success.

Some Famous Libra Sun Aries Moon Personalities

* Daniel Baldwin
* Shaun Cassidy
* Miguel de Cervantes
* e.e. cummings
* Divine
* Sarah Ferguson
* Annette Funicello
* Buster Keaton
* Margot Kidder
* John Lithgow
* Heather Locklear
* Martina Navratilova
* Luciana Pavarotti
* Kelly Preston
* Anne Rice
* Ed Sullivan
* Guiseppe Verdi
* Ben Vereen
* Gore Vidal
* Noah Webster
* George Wendt
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