Libra Sun Aquarius Moon

About Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Personalities

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon combination produces a personality that is a delight in any social circle. These natives have much to offer because they are so extroverted and outgoing.

Not particularly deep by nature, they are sought out and popular for their sympathy and warmth although essentially, they have understanding yet detached. These individuals rarely become heavily involved with those around them or embroiled with the problems of others.
Libra Sun Aquarius Moon
Nonetheless, Libra Sun Aquarius Moon individuals are unselfish souls who rarely dwell on personal matters either. Here, the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends with a healthy slice of originality, ingenuity and independence supplied via Aquarius. Hence, there is splendid foresight, natural refinement and an inspirational outlook. 

Here are other features and characteristics of Libra Sun Aquarius Moon individuals:

Possesses happy and optimistic character
Libra Sun Aquarius Moon natives possess a happy and optimistic character with high ideals and good taste in all things. These attributes result in the development of a very fine type of mentality which possesses a strong and broad social sense.
Have keen insight into human nature
Libra Sun Aquarius Moon subjects are blessed with a magnificent ability to judge human character coupled with a keen insight into human nature.
Alert to original or ingenious ideas
They are alert to original or ingenious ideas and can use them to considerable advantage in work, profession or business.
Very Social Beings
Sociability is an important aspect of this blend and it can aid in advancement and opportunity. However, this sociability is never superficial for these are sincere souls who are open in their approach to others, revealing kindliness of heart and genuine interest.
Possesses a strong and honest desire to be of service to humankind
Libra Sun Aquarius Moon blend possesses a strong and honest desire to be of service to humankind. Blessed with a keen intellect, these natives have a keen sense of proportion and balance which almost always leads to a successful life. They are sincere in their friendliness and sociability, willing to serve the public and treat everyone...even a pleasant and amicable manner.

Some Famous Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Personalities

* Chevy Chase
* Eddie Cochran
* Andy Devine
* George Gershwin
* Daryl Hall
* Vladimir Horowitz
* Linda Lavin
* John Le Carre
* Timothy Leary
* John Lennon
* Carole Lombard
* Bela Lugosi
* Mickey Mantle
* Cindy Margolis
* Arthur Miller
* Erin Moran
* Alfred Nobel
* Tom Petty
* Donald Pleasence
* Mickey Rooney
* Savahhah
* Kevin Sorbo
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