Libra Star Constellation

Libra Star Constellation

Libra Star constellation is a Southern constellation located between Virgo the Virgin and Scorpius the Scorpion, Libra is also bordered by Hydra the Sea-Serpent, Centaurus the Centaur, Lupus the Wolf, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Serpens the Serpent.

Libra is a unique constellation in that it is the only inanimate object on the Zodiac band, all the others featuring either human or animal representations.

The two brightest stars in this constellation are the one furthest to the right (known as Zubenelgenubi Alpha) and the topmost star (known as Zubenelschemali Beta). These were formerly the southern and northern claws of the Scorpion...although the Scales are perceived by some sources as actually being held aloft in the right hand of Virgo.
Libra Star Constellation

Brief History of Libra Star Constellation

Libra is the youngest constellation of the Zodiac to be named and originally called Chelae (Latin for "claw"). Also known as the "Price to be Paid" Libra star constellation is considered by its nature to be a malefic star, pale yellow-grey in color. The Northern Scale (Zubenelschemali), also known as the "Price to be Received," is regarded as a very fruitful and prosperous star, associated with riches, honor and good fortune.
It is the only star in Libra visible to the naked eye and is reported to be an unusual shade of emerald green.
Location of Stars in Libra Star Constellation
Libra constellation is a relatively obscure collection of murky stars, usually located most easily by finding Spica (in the constellation Virgo) to the South-Southwest and Antares (in the constellation Scorpio) to the South-Southeast. The stars comprising Libra will be approximately halfway between Spica and Antares, fairly low in the Southern sky. It reaches its highest point in the evening sky in late June.
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