Libra Scorpio Cusp Man

About Libra Scorpio Cusp Man

Libra Scorpio cusp man is easily flattered, particularly by popular acclaim, and flare into anger toward those who oppose his schemes.

Yet, when intuition and judgment are developed to their fullest extent, Libra Scorpio cusp man is not only dynamic a persons, but ones who is endowed with the rare presence of mind customarily found in the fields of medicine and the military.
Yes…Libra Scorpio men are individuals who are both mystical and scientific...a combination that results in high awareness of what is truly happening around them.
Libra Scorpio Cusp Man

Here are basic features of a Libra Scorpio cusp man:

  • Highly motivated and usually loyal, Libra Scorpio cusp man is often misunderstood and may be perceived as dictatorial or sarcastic. If there is an ulterior motive, he can indeed be overbearing, but normally in a subtle, sly or manipulative manner.
  • Capable of extraordinary originality, Libra Scorpio cusp man natives are clever in business and quick to seize an opportunity. Not necessarily bothered with any particular scruples, they appear not to hold the truth in the consideration it deserves, often surrounding their affairs with much secrecy and mystery.
  • The greatest strength of Libra Scorpio cusp man is to be found in his drive for peace and harmony, coupled with a determination to see things through to the end. The natural skill for seeing all sides of a situation, coupled with enormous passion and great strength, makes Libra Scorpio cusp man one of the most powerful characters of the Zodiac.
  • The particular brand of charisma, impulsiveness and mental powers associated with Libra Scorpio cusp man makes him a formidable individual. When it comes to involvements, he may be even more than a little dangerous given his natural talent for being seductive, attractive, commanding and intense.
The ability to turn ideas into accomplishments often produces a marked egotism in a Libra Scorpio cusp man, which is all the more reason why he should seek higher goals in culture, education and social life. Whatever is achieved by Libra Scorpio cusp men, they will cling to with much tenacity and they can easily drift into narrow-mindedness and unscrupulous behavior if not careful.
Libra Scorpio Cusp Man Love Compatibility
Libra Scorpio Cusp man is compatible with others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Taurus Gemini Cusp and Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp combinations.
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