Libra Physical Traits

Physical Traits of Libra Persons

Adjudging Libra physical traits, I will say; those born under the jurisdiction of Libra, much like the symbol of this Sign, are well-balanced in physical appearance. Typically, these are proportioned individuals who, even when they put on weight, tend to display any extra pounds more or less evenly over the entire body rather than in one specific area.
Indeed, because there are usually no exaggerated or pronounced Libra physical traits, it may be difficult to pinpoint Libra natives from their physical frame...although the very aspect of regular bodily proportioning may well be a good clue.

Most Libra natives have rather interesting mannerisms. When weighing even the slightest puzzling statement, proposition or decisions, for example, they often balance a small object...pencil, ruler or stick, etc....on the tip of the finger or, if standing, balance their weight on their toes.
Libra Physical Traits
To some extent, the above descriptions are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Libra individual falls.

 Physical traits of first, second and third Libra Decans

First Decan of Libra Physical Traits
A subject born within the First Decan (September 23 to October 2...also known as the Libra Decante of Libra), may be better looking than the average Libra individual, with a general demeanor and approach to most matters that is essentially calm, easy and cool. Often tall to very tall in height, these natives have a fairly robust frame.
There is sometimes a rather peculiar almond shape to the eyes here with lids that droop in the corners and brows that are short and curved. The face is normally quite round and plumpness or obesity may be somewhat common. These are neat souls with good taste who are particularly careful of personal grooming and work very hard to look their best at all times.
Second Decan of Libra Physical Traits
A subject born within the Second Decan (October 3 to October 12...also known as the Aquarius Decante of Libra), is inclinded to possess the slim build and straight nose associated with those who fall under the jurisdiction of Aquarius. Here, the body type is normally medium to tall.
Third Decan of Libra Physical Traits
A subject born within the Third Decan (October 13 to October 22...also known as the Gemini Decante of Libra), is likely to look much younger than his or her actual years. This native is generally slim, being short to medium in terms of height.
In addition, a slightly aquiline nose is very common. It is not easy for this native to get his or her point across when speaking without the aid of hand and/or arm gestures, which are used profusely in a natural manner.
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