Libra Man Characteristics

Detailed Characteristics of Libra Men

Adjudging Libra men characteristic, I will say; they are invariably honorable and just in all their dealings. In terms of friendships, Libra men are attracted by personality and mental gifts rather than by social positions or the possession of wealth. 

Still, the temperament of these individuals can change suddenly from hopefulness to melancholy, such extremes of mood often coming and going very unexpectedly.
The truth is; inharmonious surroundings can cause despondency or gloom in lives of Libra men.

Quite often, they are unable to explain their sudden low spirits brought on by nothing more than being out of harmony with their environments.
Libra Men Characteristic

Here are other notable characteristics of Libra men:

  • Always striving to please those around them, men born of this Sign have an insatiable appetite for flattery, which too often ends in disaster. It will also be necessary for Libra men to learn how to accept criticism, otherwise their sense of justice can become warped and they will argue themselves into accepting wrong as right, particularly when they yield to the wiles of those who would prey upon their sympathy rather than hearkening to the blunt words of true friends.
  • The secret fear of Libra men is being alone with themselves. This is a loving Sign whose natives will find a way around any impasse to bring peace and harmony into their lives and the lives of others...and whatever the method of achieving that may be, these are individuals who will mean everything from the bottom of their hearts.
  • These are souls who love to talk but, given the inherent value of the ability to explore and investigate all aspects of living, seldom get along well with people whose opinions are fixed.
  • The motives of men governed by this Sign are always of the highest caliber, but they will act upon impulse when they deem it to be the correct course of action. Inherently generous, they expect that quality in those around them. Thus, they are inclined to regard the merest slight as a rank injustice, which will cause a rift between themselves and the person or persons otherwise involved.
Looking at Libra men characteristic, I will say; these men's major negative challenges arise from hypersensitivity and a tendency to become anxious concerning the welfare of parents, children and close friends. They may react severely to a display of any form of combativeness and hostility...possibly going so far as to instantly flee from the presence of the perpetrator.
Yet another challenge is the propensity toward self-indulgence, which manifests as a compensation mechanism for the failure to obtain that which Libra individuals believe they should possess.
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