Libra Man Virgo Woman

Libra Man Virgo Woman Love Relationships

Libra man Virgo woman match can be akin to putting two puzzle pieces together if the relationship moves sufficiently smoothly. Here, each partner is capable of locking into the other to sit comfortably in place.

Both seek security in a union and they do share a mutual love of beauty and culture. It is possible for this pair to work together efficiently because they desire similar rewards. Although this is a match that may trickle along in the beginning, it can grow more intense if both parties can come to respect each other.
Looking at it, Subjects of Virgo are ruled chiefly by intellect, whereas Libra is governed by feelings and deep emotions. 
Libra Man Virgo Woman
The Libra partner is apt to perceive his Virgo mate's insistence on faithfulness as being essentially petty and narrow-minded. Virgo woman, who can find no logic in disruptive behavior, craves a quiet and calm home life. This will only be found with a more domestic type than Libra man. The Libra partner will want to stay involved in fights and arguments, but this is not something that peace-loving Virgo woman is able to endure for very long.
However, one favorable aspect of Libra man Virgo woman pairing is that both are willing...and see the differing sides of any argument. In short, both tend to make decisions only after examining the facts.

Here are other basic features of Libra man Virgo woman love relationships:

Shared Interests
Both share a love of the theater and all forms of art. They appreciate superficial pleasures and may enjoy collecting such items as fine china, artwork or photographs. Actually, Libra man probably epitomizes everything that Virgo woman would secretly like to be...charming, romantic, dashing, popular and devil-may-care.
Main Complements
Practicality and pleasure are important to both Virgo woman and Libra man...and they can complement one another in many ways. Virgo woman will appreciate Libra man's charm and diplomacy. Libra man appreciates Virgo woman love of order and the tangible results that follow. Additionally, Libra man is capable of evening things out when the Virgo partner fails to get her own way.
Romantic Compatibility
Virgo woman approach to physical intimacy is basically straight forward and the Libra man mate's methods in the romantic arena could very well drive her crazy. At times, men governed by Libra are prone to make sexual overtures at any given moment in any area of the house but then, on occasion, will want to court or be courted for hours prior to the first move being made.
Notable Conflicts
When Libra man turns on the charm, Virgo woman will likely native be swept away in a romantic haze without ever being aware that Libra man has done this dozens of times to different love interests...often employing precisely the same words and actions. Majority of the appeal that oozes from Libra man's every pore is very superficial and this will herald the beginning of the troubles. In order for this relationship to survive, the Virgo partner must learn to accept Libra man's infidelities and somehow live with them. If not, then Virgo woman is liable to be exceedingly bitter and certainly disillusioned with love.
In addition, should critical Virgo woman analyze Libra man's inner personality too deeply, and then Libra man is sure to become outraged, which will result in him beating a hasty retreat from the partnership.
Longevity for this combination will not be easy to achieve. Perhaps the one thing that Libra man has the most difficulty in accepting is criticism. Unfortunately, Virgo woman is a champion in that department. Virgo woman is very particular with details, while Libra man is more easy-going in that respect and could be said to detest details, much preferring the overall big picture.
This conflict of interest will undoubtedly cause a storm relatively early in the relationship and effectively sabotage the long-term success of the union.
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