Libra Man Sagittarius Woman

Libra Man Sagittarius Woman Love Relationships

In Libra man Sagittarius woman pairing, inhibition is not a component of either personality. Thus, these two are apt to meet for the very first time in the morning and then find themselves in intimate circumstances by nightfall. In short, the physical attraction here is immensely powerful.

However, the strong physical attraction that was probably the initial lure between these two is not likely to endure since each truly prefers a life in constant motion of interaction with others.

While it lasts, the physical intimacy will be satisfying to both, but this is more a romance that should be left as an enjoyable affair rather than a lifetime commitment.
Libra Man Sagittarius Woman
Sagittarius woman loves to flatter and makes for a good listener. Thus, she will undoubtedly court the Libra man and be able to detect the need for stimulation.

Here are positive and negative aspects of Libra man Sagittarius woman love union:

Positive Aspects of Libra Man Sagittarius Woman Love Relationships
 Basic Attractions
The cheerful and pleasure-seeking Libra man will be greatly drawn to such a happy-go-lucky character as Sagittarius woman. Additionally, this couple is just as likely to become great friends as they are sweethearts since Libra man has a way of offering encouragement in furtherance of any wild scheme and idea, no matter how impractical such may actually be...and Sagittarius woman is sure to have an abundance of wild schemes on the burner.
Shared Interests
Sagittarius woman is essentially a traveler, forever in search of wisdom. Libra man has a mind that is eager for art, beauty and aesthetics. Thus, Libra man makes a stimulating companion for Sagittarius woman during her journeys and can add much to the Sagittarius woman's experience.
Influence of Ruling Planets
The femininity of Venus and the masculinity of Jupiter (Libra and Sagittarius Ruling Planets) make these couple compatible and balanced. Sagittarius woman is constantly on a quest for knowledge of the larger picture...the truth or the meaning of life and death, for example...and whenever Libra man hatches a new idea (as these natives are wont to do), Sagittarius woman is eager to go along and become familiar with this new concept.
Negative Aspects of Libra man Sagittarius woman Love Relationships
Jealous Attacks
Although women governed by Sagittarius like to claim they are far from the jealous type, with Libra man for a partner that statement soon proves to be false. Libra man will cause the Sagittarius partner many instances of jealous attacks because the Libra man cannot help but be outgoing and friendly...constantly surrounded by admirers and well-wishers at any function or event.
Financial Issues
Finances could be something of a sore point in this union. Neither is particularly good at managing money or planning for the future. Constant financial pressure could well be the trigger that ruins this relationship, unless one of the partners forces himself or herself to become more conscientious regarding income and expenses. It will also be necessary for this partner to force the other to see reason and encourage the cutting back on extravagances.
Perhaps the best aspect of a Libra man Sagittarius woman union is the mutual interest in cultivating knowledge and utilizing intellect. These are a well-matched couple who will go far together...both emotionally and geographically. The major stumbling block may be that the Sagittarius woman philosophy of life proves to be too much for the free and easy-going Libra man.
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