Libra Man Marriage

About Libra Man Marriage

Concerning Libra man marriage, I will say; he adores romance and all of its finest attributes...everything from flowers to poetry to love songs. This man appreciates the accessories that accompany being in love and the state of being in love itself.

Indeed, blissful marriage is often the primary focus in the life of a Libra man.
The fact is; Libra man is generally sensual and passionate in terms of marriage. 
Libra Man Marriage
He loves luxury and beauty and prefer that such attributes spill over into the arena of intimacy. To him, the physically intimate side of a marriage is only one part of a fine, subtle, artistic and beautiful commitment.

Here are points to note about Libra man marriage:

  • Libra man is pure romantics and very much "partnership" oriented. He often fails to feel complete unless in a relationship.
  • Libra is the epitome of finesse and grace and men who fall under the jurisdiction of this Sign require companionship, style, clean and harmonious surroundings.
  • Irritability in any form must be avoided around this man. He has little tolerance for an open display of emotions...something he considers to be a character flaw and/or weakness.
  • There is much appreciation here for the arts, literature and music and Libra man is more than willing to spend money in these areas. However, any breach of what he considers good taste will be found offensive since this man is, first and last, a social being.
  • A great lover of animals, it would not be beyond the realm of possibility for this man to come home with a stray dog...and any partner must be prepared to also cherish the pup. Indeed, the Libra man is extremely disturbed by any hint of animal abuse.
  • Above all, this man enjoys fun. Secretly, he is only too conscious of life's tragedies and well aware of the human predicament, but is not one to adopt lost causes or get on a personal soap-box to air his views.

In essence, Libra man will never become a bore in marriage. It is unfortunate that the man governed by Libra often seems to initially give a bad impression of himself, but once a person gets to know him, it soon becomes apparent that he is capable of being a very rare individual indeed...a good husband.
Libra man’s romantic style includes:

• Sociable
• Charming
• Easy-Going
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