Libra Man Libra Woman

Libra Man Libra Woman Love Partnerships

The best aspect of a Libra man Libra woman match is the mutual sense of diplomacy...which is incredible...coupled with kindness and a shared respect for each other.

There can be a lasting love connection here courtesy of a deep and mutual understanding of one another's loves and needs. In short, this commitment...once likely to be solid.
But due to the fact that both Libra man and Libra woman are by nature brimming with energy and tend to be over-demanding, this relationship could be rather exhausting for both parties. Without enough outside interests to keep them happy, this pair could become frustrated and neurotic with one another since neither likes to spend much time in the home. 
Libra Man Libra Woman

Here are other positive and negative aspects of Libra man Libra woman relationships:

Positive Aspects of Libra Man Libra Woman Relationships
Shared Blissful and Romantic Relationship
It is possible for Libra man and Libra woman to share a blissful and romantic that is filled with beauty, sensuality and utter pleasure. Here, this couple will spoil themselves and each other...often to a fault. An over abundance of rich foods and excessive laziness can be bad for the health, but are pleasure that prove hard to resist...particularly when both partners so enjoy reclining and munching upon a variety of tasty morsels.
Intellectualism and Shared an Appreciation for Art
This couple will relish intellectualism and share an appreciation for art, films and all types of cultural pursuits. Persuasive, courteous and diplomatic, this Sign is the fair judge of the world...and two Libra individuals can utilize their diplomacy to smooth over virtually any potential conflict with honor and decency.
Shared Understanding and Basic Needs
Here, each partner is well aware that the relationship requires much work if the union is to last, and both must be prepared to devote a lot of effort in that regard. Still, these two are avid lovers of art and beauty, happy to put an abundance of time and money into making their home surroundings into a lovely and pleasing environment...which is probably just as well since they will need such a haven as a retreat for recharging their energies.
Negative Aspects of Libra Man Libra Woman Relationships
Unfaithfulness and Jealousy Threat
The major threat to Libra man Libra woman union will undoubtedly be unfaithfulness. Each is easily attracted to other individuals and fidelity is not this Sign's strong suit...although ironically, there may be evidence of jealousy on both sides at displays of such disloyal behavior.
Frustrations and Conflicts
The shared life of this pair is sure to be hectic and they will need to guard against spending more time with others than with each other. But without enough outside interests to keep them happy, this pair could become frustrated and neurotic with one another since neither likes to spend much time in the home.
Libra man Libra woman love affair can form one of the most agreeable, romantic and well-balanced relationships to be found, provided all other aspects are favorable. Here, the physical attraction is almost overpowering and each will devote much creative thinking into conjuring ways that result in pleasurable intimacy for the other partner. 
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