Libra Men In Bed

Libra Man In Bed

Libra man in bed adores romance and all of its finest attributes...everything from the looks, the Caressing, the twist and swirl. 

Interludes that are rough and/or coarse will usually be distasteful to him and the more artistically pleasing and overtly romantic you are in bed, the better.

Actually, he loves gentle foreplay and buildup, not only because it’s intimate but also because it intensifies his eventual response.
Libra Man In Bed
Tips on how to satisfy a Libra man in bed
  • Kiss him passionately, BUT gently
  • Stimulate his senses through with sexual appeal
  • Tease Him, Tease Him, And Tease Him Some More
  • Find his preferences and Make it Fun
  • Touch his lips very, very gently and softly look him straight into the eyes! While running your finger over his lips

Here are detailed ways of satisfying a Libra man in bed:

  • Give him the opportunity to appreciate your beauty and help him learn how to give you pleasure. Remember, a great deal of Libra man pleasure in bed comes from knowing that he knows how to please you. Give him honest direction and vocal feedback. Let him know how good it feels when he does something right - may be hitting the right spot.
  • Libra man is a very sensory man; so when in bed, you need to hit as many of his senses as you can. Wear that perfume he loves, and have a bath in some of that oil that smells beautiful on you. Put on some sexy lingerie. The more your sexual appeal, the more alluring he becomes… at this point, he’ll be just about ready to devour you whole!
  • Don't just do the normal get into bed, kiss, undress, blah blah blah - try something new and appealing. Kiss him passionately, whisper in his ear… tell him to show you what he's got. He'll be so turned on by the challenge, and can't wait to get you to the finish.
  • Spend as much time licking, kissing, and caressing his inner thigh, his stomach, his neck, etc. until he can't take it anymore. The amount of time you have taken leading up to the moment you take him in you will make it the best unexpected surprise.
Whatever experience desire with a Libra man in bed make sure that it is fun for both of you. It is important to enjoy the sexual act for both sides. Tell him how fantastic you felt. Tell him in detail what he did that felt so good to you, and tell him you can’t wait for a “second helping.”
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