Libra Man Gemini Woman

Libra Man and Gemini Woman Love Relationships

Libra man Gemini woman pairing comes with similar attitudes, feelings and intellect. 

If both partners are an equal force, then an ideal situation of personal freedom should exist. Here, each individual harbors a need for constant change together with a shared love of a very active social life. 

However, the Gemini partner will have to make Libra man feel totally independent so that Libra man can lead his own life since Libra man rates this aspect of freedom on a higher level than does Gemini woman
Libra Man Gemini Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Libra man Gemini woman relationships

Positive Features of Libra Man Gemini Woman Union
  • Since both Libra man and Gemini woman believe a relationship must always be worked at, this could be a rewarding union.
  • Romantic Libra man will constantly be wooing his loved one, openly expressing affection at every given opportunity...of course, it should be noted that it is inherent in the Libra man personality to behave in the same fashion to all of his sweethearts. Gemini woman is always in love with love and will feed happily on Libra man’s avowals, making her more secure in the affair.
  • Gemini woman adores Libra man's energy and will experience no trouble in keeping up when Libra man is off and running with a new idea, project or other pursuit. Since both partners possess wide-ranging interests, there will be a plethora of wonderful material for provocative discussion.
  • Libra man tends to initiate things, but has trouble in finishing them...Gemini woman is so adaptable that she will have no problem switching gears at a moment's notice and quickly moving on to something else, should Libra man become bored.
Negative Features of Libra Man Gemini Woman Relationship
  • Libra man is not domestically inclined and this could lead to some nagging on the part of the Gemini woman to share some of the burden in this area, resulting in a speedy exit from the relationship on the part of Libra man.
  • Gemini woman's displays of childish temperament could be considered out of line by the Libra man, although he may respond in a favorable manner to the Gemini woman insecurities and jealousy that is the root of the problem. Still, if Gemini woman takes this too far, or does it too often, then she will lose the sympathy of Libra man.
Libra man is a highly-charged soul when it comes to intimacy and thus, romantic interludes between Libra man Gemini woman couple will lack nothing. In addition, life itself will never be dull for this pair and while not an ideal union, love can make it a successful match.
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