Libra Man Compatibility

Libra Man Love Compatibility

Looking at Libra man compatibility, longevity of any union will require a thorough understanding of his character. This is a very ambitious, energetic and daring man. He is usually self-reliant and inclined to want his own way in most matters. Often described as a "ladies' man," this is something that any mate will have to learn to live with. 

If a potential partner is inclined to be the least bit jealous, then that individual would be well advised to give this man a wide berth if a broken heart would be avoided.
Libra Man Love Compatibility

Here are helpful hints on Libra man compatibility:

Libra man compatibility with Aries woman
Libra man attraction with Aries woman is common, but not one that is necessarily long lasting. These are two very different characters with widely varying personalities. Here, both partners will be impulsive and that could be one of the reasons for an initial attraction. Still Libra man Aries woman combination may be a great match. The warm and passionate Libra will make a welcoming home for the fiery and impetuous Aries...particularly if both partners are on the same cultural and intellectual level.

Libra man compatibility with Taurus
Both partners in this combination will work to develop a higher mind and embrace all aspects of the art world. This alone should provide an excellent foundation for their relationship. Still there are common interests and a general meeting of the minds. Both partners appreciate beauty and the finer things of life. It is likely that this pair will need a good influx of money in order to appease their desire for luxury.

Libra man compatibility with Gemini
Libra man Gemini pairing comes with similar attitudes, feelings and intellect. If both partners are an equal force, then an ideal situation of personal freedom should exist. Here, each individual harbors a need for constant change together with a shared love of a very active social life. Both partners have much in common and sufficient contrast to make for a rather ideal union.

Libra man compatibility with Cancer
Libra man Cancer combination may not necessarily be the best pairing either individual could attain. Cancer is probably not temperamentally suited to cope with freedom-loving Libra and this couple could ignore each other for days if they have a serious disagreement. In addition, the immense desire of Libra for attention may bring a period of depression that could create a controversial situation.

Libra man compatibility with Leo

Libra man Leo combination may or may not make for a good match and it will depend on many varying factors. The hale and hearty nature of Leo may prove to be too overwhelming for the more sensitive Libra, even though the pair has much in common that could result in a favorable relationship.

Libra man compatibility with Virgo
Longevity for Libra man Virgo combination will not be easy to achieve. Perhaps the one thing that Libra has the most difficulty in accepting is criticism. Unfortunately, Virgo is a champion in that department. Virgo is very particular with details, while Libra is more easy-going in that respect and could be said to detest details, much preferring the overall big picture.

Libra man compatibility with fellow Libra
Libra man Libra woman union could prove to be a rather perfect match. Both partners have the same interests and qualities, so there would be much mutual understanding within the relationship. With this combination, there is much in common and few negatives, so it would be a recommended union.

Libra man compatibility with Sagittarius
Libra man Sagittarius is probably a rather good combination. The major stumbling block may be that the Sagittarius philosophy of life proves to be too much for the free and easy-going Libra. Still, the Libra love of beauty, luxury and social whirl will appeal to the nature of the Sagittarius partner, who detests confinement and will use all means possible to break through bonds.

Libra man compatibility with Capricorn
Libra man Capricorn union is probably a rather good combination. On the surface, these two seems to be opposites, but the taciturn Capricorn individual will doubtless be much intrigued by the Libra native. If the Libra subject does not find the steady nature of Capricorn to be overly boring, then there is a fair chance here for a successful union.

Libra man compatibility with Aquarius
Libra man Aquarius union is an exceedingly good combination. Aquarius has near perfect affinities for Libra. Both partners love beauty, society and the human race...all things that help to make this an ideal union. However, a potential problem may be misunderstandings due to the Aquarius partner being somewhat unpredictable from time to time and, on occasion for no apparent reason, he or she may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate.

Libra man compatibility with Scorpio

Libra man Scorpio union is a good combination. There is much sympathetic magnetism between an individual governed by Libra and one ruled by Scorpio. There is little doubt that Scorpio will be the dominant partner, but the beauty and sense of fair play provided by Libra will certainly appeal to Scorpio's excellent judgment. Libra is sentimental and susceptible as a mate, which also serves to appeal to the Scorpio urges of dominance and possession. However, in order to achieve longevity, it will be vital for the Libra partner to avoid hurting the pride of the Scorpio native. 

Libra man compatibility with Pisces
Libra man Pisces union may prove to be a difficult match and this is particularly true under intimate circumstances. While the Pisces partner will be content with the exclusive company of Libra, the Libra individual's love of social affairs may generate jealousy and disharmony in the relationship.

Libra man is probably most in tune with those governed by Aquarius, whose subjects are equal to the Libra man quality of mind and capable of matching Libra man's emotional life. For the Libra male, a relationship with an individual governed by Aquarius is one of both love and friendship.
Gemini, another Sign ruled by the element of Air, would also be favorable. Gemini is capable of understanding the Libra character and matching Libra's emotional life. For the Libra male, a relationship with an individual governed by Gemini will be experimental, creative and even wild.
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