Libra Man Capricorn Woman

 Libra Man Capricorn Woman Love Relationships

Libra man Capricorn woman match can make for a good couple, provided they can uncover their sometimes difficult-to-find similarities. On the surface, these two could not be more different.

Capricorn woman tends to be quiet and unassuming, while Libra man is prone to being a social who delights in visiting with other people. 

Also Capricorn woman is concerned with hard work as a means toward career advancement and recognition, whereas Libra man is concerned with beauty, art and balance in life and relationships. 
Libra Man Capricorn Woman
However, there is a meeting point here, provided each is coming from a base of mutual love and respect...but they must be prepared to work in order to find their common ground.

Such work on a project or problem tends to flow more smoothly when each partner has a pre-set role to fulfill. This is because each likes to take charge.
Once expectations are defined, then their approaches again are quite different. Libra man becomes pondering and intellectual, but Capricorn woman sees the value of doing things the hard way if such results in certain success.
This will be a challenging combination, but one from which each can learn much if the effort can be maintained. Actually, provided each partner understands the style of the other, the methods they employ can help them to achieve together when they could not attain alone.

Here are other features of Libra man Capricorn woman love relationships:

A Capricorn woman tends to be an organized soul and in some instances, this may appeal to a Libra man who could be taking a hiatus between hectic love affairs. Libra man makes for good hosts, thus capable of entertaining those people that Capricorn woman will be wooing in her rise to fortune in the career of choice. This trait will be greatly admired by the hardworking Capricorn woman and for a time, such a situation will be alright with Libra man.
However, eventually, the Libra partner will begin to feel tied down and stifled, essentially craving the excitement of others in order to make life more enjoyable. At this point, the Libra individual can easily become disenchanted with the entire relationship.
Financial Issues
Those governed by Capricorn are prone to border on the fanatic in the handling of finances. They save and plan for the future, forgoing pleasures both small and large for the sake of acquiring a larger bank balance, which to a Capricorn woman is representative of security. The "easy come easy go" attitude of the Libra mate cannot begin to understand this aspect of the Capricorn personality...much less abide by such financial rules.
Emotional Compatibility
A Libra man expects any mate to verbalize feelings of love. Indeed, he needs many declarations from a partner in order to believe it. Capricorn woman is far from skilled in this area and eventually, she will be accused of not truly being in love...of being cold and hard-hearted.
Other Possible Conflicts
Capricorn woman’s attitude toward work will also be a bone of contention in this relationship since the Libra partner will find it difficult to get the Capricorn mate's mind off her career and onto anything else. It would not be unusual for the Capricorn partner to even literally bring her work to bed...and it will be Libra man’s responsibility to engage in a distraction long enough for physical intimacy to take place. Libra man is unlikely to endure this for too long before greener pastures beckon.
It will be important for this couple to work through their differences.
Unless both partners make a concerted effort to understand and accept each other's focus in life, longevity of this union will be in serious trouble. In addition, Capricorn woman must take care not to discourage the Libra mate from his natural enthusiasm and optimism. In return, it will be necessary for the Libra man to utilize his natural diplomacy in order to maintain balance with the Capricorn mate.
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