Libra Men

About Libra Men

Libra men are blessed with lazy charm and are often attractive without being aware of it. There is no doubt that they have taste, is instinctively fastidious. Although they can be balanced on the surface, they are swayed by indecision for a great proportion of their life. 

Indeed Libra men are prone to evade showdowns about most things, if at all possible, and have aversion to serious quarrels. 

That having been said, Libra man is quite likely to cultivate a non-serious argument regarding emotional matters in order to simply relieve tension. This man's greatest desire is a partner who has a sweet nature and who is not difficult to get along with. He makes for a gentle and courteous mate...but one with something of a roving eye.
Libra Man

Here are notable features of a Libra men

  • Inclined to be rather indolent and reluctant to deal with main issues, Libra men have tendency to drift, taking the course that life's currents determine for them, rather than "paddle their own canoe."
  • Always highly intelligent, the Libra man is a student of human nature. He is fond of a joke and able to laugh uproariously at the wisecracks of others. Above all, this man enjoys fun.
  • Secretly, he is only too conscious of life's tragedies and well aware of the human predicament, but is not one to adopt lost causes or get on a personal soap-box to air his views. In essence, the Libra male will never become a bore. It is unfortunate that the man governed by Libra often seems to initially give a bad impression of himself, but once a person gets to know him, it soon becomes apparent that he is capable of being a very rare individual indeed...a good friend.


With regard to long-term relationships, the Libra man is not always easy to please. The sameness of domesticity is not to his liking, but he is a very passionate soul and a respecter of tradition. Hence, a serious commitment is the reasonable result...and the male governed by Libra is indeed a reasonable individual.

In fact, Libra man is a born judge and no other Zodiac Sign can bring order to life with so much wisdom.
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