Libra Lucky Number

Libra Lucky Numbers

Libra lucky number is six (also known as the Hexad).

Six is feminine in nature and, when associated with Libra, resides in the Seventh House of Partnership and Marriage, governing both harmony and visible enemies. It is the number of luck and and strength...honesty and beauty...a number which is capable of both creation and destruction. In short, it may have an equally strong tendency toward evil as it does toward good...toward rebellion as it does toward union with God. 
Libra Lucky Numbers
It is the number of mutual hating and giving...of mystic destiny. The colors associated with the number six are all those within the blue family. Its peak tends to be during the daylight hours, with its natural element being earth and its associated gems being emeralds and turquoise. 

Mystic Quality of Libra Lucky Number

Six is the mystic number of Venus and a number which Libra shares with those individuals born under the Sign of Taurus. It represents family and symbolizes the home, parents, healers and counselors. It is representative of domestic bliss, responsibility, compassion, marriage and devotion. Six is also associated with fraternity and brotherhood...or sorority and sisterhood. It is the common bond of closeness between people, representing love, nurturing, harmony and justice.
Six is the perfect divider of the circle and the radius of a circle divides its circumference into the six points of the hexagon to form the Seal of Solomon...the hexagram. In geometry, six is the hexagon...two triangles which share a common side. Similarly, in mathematics, six is two threes, also known as the second perfection. A mystic number represented in nature by the formation of crystals, honeycomb, snowflakes and flowers, six is a happy number with the power to ward off evil. It is said the cycle of life has six periods (birth, growth, decay, death, absorption and metamorphosis) and that there are six states of man (love, chastity, death, fame, time and eternity).
Six is also perfection in the form of power, expressed by the symbolism of six equilateral triangles in a circle. In a biblical sense, the world was created in six days (man being created on the sixth) and in Jewish tradition, took six thousand years. Six is the number of points found on the Star of David and in the Cabala, it is the centre of equilibrium...the junction of two perfect triangles.
In biblical numerology, six is the Number of Man. Man was created on the sixth day and labors for six days only. The Serpent was also created on the sixth day. The Sixth Commandment is, "Thou shalt not murder." Six words are used for man: Adam; ish; Enosh; gehver; anthropos and anar. In addition, 6 x 6 = 36. 36 + 35 + 34 + 33 + 32 . . . 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 666. 666 is the number of the Antichrist, meaning that the name of the Antichrist in Greek adds up to 666. This is generally considered to be a mockery of the Trinity.
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