Libra Love Compatibility

Detailed Libra Love Compatibility

Libra love compatibility can be seen by matching the planetary influences of other Zodiac Signs. Sometimes the strengths and weakness of some Zodiac Signs may prove complimentary. While in many cases, character traits of most zodiac signs are not compatible for a Libra native……and may prove to be unwholesome to mutual relationship. 

Hence, as a Libra you will be forewarned if there are points of serious clash of interest and aptitudes.
Note: Even if there are some serious differences, they do not necessarily spell the end of a relationship. Of cause, every one has some strong and weak points in his personality or nature.

Libra Love Compatibility

Below are summary of Libra compatibility with the twelve Zodiac Signs:

Libra Love Compatibility with Aries
Since Aries is known for its abrasiveness and Libra for its charm and tact, there will be two very different approaches to life in this combination. Although things can get entangled in knots if an understanding is not reached, it is a wonderful relationship when things are going well.
The Aries partner will be impulsive and easily excitable...the Libra partner will be indecisive and unsure, preferring thoughts to action.

Libra Love Compatibility with Taurus
These two individuals are both ruled by Venus, although the qualities associated with this deity will be expressed differently. There will not necessarily always be agreement between the two, but each will normally give the other sufficient breathing space to avoid a confrontation.
Patience and understanding will need to be exercised in order to get around the rough edges, but there will always be a mutual appreciation of culture and learning.

Libra Love Compatibility with Gemini
This will be an amicable and easy relationship between two souls who have much in common, are able to work together as a team and can mutually explore new vistas and different points of view. However, Libra native often lacks tenacity and perseverance, much to the chagrin of the Gemini partner.
Disagreements will be few in this combination given that Libra avoids quarrels at all costs and Gemini appreciates the harmony.

Libra Love Compatibility with Cancer
Both individuals do approach life in different ways and each need to accept that, but by working together each is otherwise able to provide what the other is lacking. Both seek security and warmth in personal relationships, as well as sharing an appreciation for beauty and luxury.
Since both these Signs relish peace and harmony, arguments are rare...conflicts only arising if the Cancer partner seems to be overly grumpy or irritable...or the Libra partner appears too frivolous.

Libra Love Compatibility with Leo
Leo and Libra represent two of the most dignified Signs of the Zodiac. Appearances and social prestige will be very important to both partners here. There will be an excellent transparency in this relationship which makes for a cooperative and complimentary combination.
Although Leo is by nature flashy and flamboyant, while Libra is inherently peace-loving and refined, both partners here will appreciate the benefits of having the other around.

Libra Love Compatibility with Virgo
This pair can work together smoothly because they share similar interests. However, conflicts may arise if the Virgo partner is too demanding and meticulous or the Libra partner becomes too manipulative. Emotional outbursts and flaring tempers will occur rarely and there will be a shared desire to lead an organized life.
This is basically a very harmonious relationship where appearances and tidiness are important to both individuals.

Libra Love Compatibility with Fellow Libra
Here, both partners share a love of beauty, harmony and fairness. The home will undoubtedly be full of beautiful objects, creating an environment that is pleasant and balanced for the Libra partner. On the negative side, there is a shared lack of self-control and tendency toward laziness.
Nonetheless, the love and devotion will run deep, there will be mutual respect and the commitment to each other will be incomparable.

Libra Love Compatibility with Scorpio
This is a difficult combination since the two differ in so many respects. Still, they will meet on some levels...the intense and powerful energy of Scorpio being drawn toward the lightness of the Libra partner...but Scorpio will often find Libra tendency toward indecisiveness exceedingly annoying.
This is a union that requires work and luckily, both partners here will be willing to put forth the effort, which can result in a fulfilling and stimulating relationship.

Libra Love Compatibility with Sagittarius
Libra Sagittarius combination is a truly magnificent one where both individuals are optimistic and outgoing. However, since the Libra partner will be softer and more sensitive than his or her Sagittarius partner, it is important that the Sagittarius partner be careful to think before speaking or feelings could easily be hurt.
Given the similarities in personality, coupled with a multitude of common interests, this pair makes for a very compatible that is loving and harmonious.

Libra Love Compatibility with Capricorn
This is a relationship that will require work since these two have little...if common. The Libra nature is outgoing...Capricorn likes to play it safe. Libra is given to intellectual reflection...Capricorn prefers to do things the hard way if such will fetch the desired reward.
On the more positive side, both these individuals tend to be go-fetters and if each can accept the other unconditionally, they will be prepared to face the challenges of this relationship and try to make it a meaningful whole...with the end result that each will learn a lesson in fortitude.

Libra Love Compatibility with Aquarius

Basically, Libra Aquarius relationship will reinforce the consciousness of both individuals. Characterized by an active desire to learn and explore the world together, this union will be based upon a set of common preferences. There is also a shared aversion for confined lifestyles.
Still, there are some differences in how matters are approached here and each will need to exercise respect for the other's personal views. In short, these two have the ability to achieve much while still enjoying being together.

Libra Love Compatibility with Pisces
Characteristically, both of these Signs are soft-natured. Hence, this will be a good blend, one that is compatible but absolutely hopeless when it comes to making decisions with a tendency to pull in multiple directions. Problems are rare here with any conflicts quickly resolved since this is a pair that will kiss and make up at the drop of a hat.
Overall, this partnership result to a warm, strong, loving and enduring bond, to say nothing of a lifelong friendship.

Natives of Libra are probably most in tune with those governed by Aquarius, whose subjects are equal to the Libra quality of mind and capable of matching Libra's emotional life.
Gemini, another Sign ruled by the element of Air, would also be favorable. Gemini is capable of understanding the Libra character and matching Libra's emotional life.

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