Libra Deep Inside

Libra Deep Inside Personality

Deep inside Libra individual, there is desire to take the easiest road. This could lead to trouble, particularly given the inherent liking for the "bright lights."

Although there is certainly no sin in being fond of luxury and beautiful things, there is a danger in loving them to the exclusion of all else.
Most notably, deep inside those governed by Libra resides a continual tug-of-war of which few others are aware...Libra persons find it exceedingly difficult to choose one philosophy and stay with it, or one set of moral values and keep to them.
Libra Dark Side Astrology
Yes....deep inside Libra individual is....hypersensitivity......a tendency to become anxious concerning the welfare of parents, children and close friends. They may react severely to a display of any form of combativeness and hostility...possibly going so far as to instantly flee from the presence of the perpetrator.
Yet another challenge is the propensity toward self-indulgence, which manifests as a compensation mechanism for the failure to obtain that which Libra individuals believe they should possess.

Here are other notable deep dark side of Libra:

The chief Libra dark side is trickery. Most Libra individuals are crafty, underhanded and ingenious when it comes to evil...though not prone to physical violence. They are experts in the field of diplomacy and possess the ability to contain a situation courtesy of charm, persuasion, flattery, coercion, negotiation or, if necessary, outright manipulation.
At its worst, Libra individual is an epitome of mean-spirited and will invariably harbor a grudge. Usually swift to express opinions and is exceedingly opinionated. Usually will not hesitate to verbally express anger, but physical violence is not generally a first choice in terms of an attack.
Always striving to please those around them, natives of this Sign have an insatiable appetite for flattery, which too often ends in disaster. It will also be necessary for Libra individuals to learn how to accept criticism, otherwise their sense of justice can become warped and they will argue themselves into accepting wrong as right, particularly when they yield to the wiles of those who would prey upon their sympathy rather than hearkening to the blunt words of true friends.

There is a propensity here for Libra natives to work themselves to the point of exhaustion, often attending to irrelevant details and side-issues instead of the main task in hand, and this will be something that requires careful watching.
Aversion to financial decisions
There is an unfortunate trend for those ruled by Libra to feel that comfort and luxury are theirs by divine right. These persons have an aversion to making financial decisions, usually because such is found to be somewhat tedious. Bills will be paid on time in one of two ways...sheer luck or with the aid of a responsible partner.
Susceptible to external influence
Very susceptible to being influenced by those who impress them, Libra individuals will imitate the manners of such persons and may even pick up on their traits. However, since everything associated with this Sign is related to balance, the susceptibility of Libra persons will be offset somewhat by a strong-mindedness that can become firm and unflinching in purpose.
Other Inside Libra dark side astrology includes:

Lack of Communication, Tendency to Gossip and Memory Problems.

Over and above cold reason, intuition is a better guide for Libra individuals, who experience difficulty anyway in putting their heads above their hearts when making a decision. This ability often enables them to ferret out deceit and insincerity, no matter how much it may be glossed over. However, if these natives prejudge a matter or listen to persons in whom they trust or sympathize, they can be carried far astray.
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