Libra child

Traits of a Libra Child

Being basically bright, Libra child is essentially reasonable and able to adapt to any surroundings with relative ease. Being sociable and outgoing, this little one needs friends and hates to be left alone. 

Charming and attractive, the Libra child is able to get along with people of all ages. However, this can be a very demanding and lazy child who will need to be pushed into action.

In general, Libra children are quite healthy little souls but there may be trouble throughout life involving the kidneys, so this area of their well-being does need to be carefully watched.
Libra Child

Here are positive and negative traits of a Libra child:

Positive Traits of a Libra Child
  • This is a kind and concerned who will often go out of his or her way to help other children.
  • Essentially a caring individual, the Libra child is not destructive by nature. He or she is imaginative and clever...frequently coming up with some truly amazing ideas.
  • The Libra child possesses natural inventiveness and much originality, sometimes resulting in the utterance of the most unexpected thoughts...thoughts which should be listened to with loving attention.
  • Although often regarded as a lazy Sign, this is not altogether a fair statement. While the Libra child dislikes mess and is somewhat "refined" in activities (no mud pies to be made here), he or she does have plenty of physical energy when offered the opportunity to use it in a creative fashion.
  • By nature accommodating and happy, the Libra child wants to be liked.
Negative Traits of a Libra Child
  • It should be noted that children governed by Libra are inclined to bear grudges considerably more than those ruled by other Signs of the Zodiac.
  • The inherent winning ways and laid back style will make this little one popular, but self-esteem is liable to fluctuate and there is also a stubborn streak here.
  • When faced with a problem, little Libra often buries his or her head in the sand, hoping it will go away rather than seeking out help to deal with it.
  • This child also possesses a sense of justice and will probably feel bad if he or she believes any siblings have not been treated fairly. Yet, at the same time, this is a child who will become even more upset if he or she does not get enough attention.

Of course, as this little one grows, the personality will develop, but many childhood traits will develop into similar ones of a more adult nature. There will always be an aversion to being alone, for example, which could result in an "any relationship is better than none" attitude.
As this child matures, it will be important for he or she to make sure that the inherent generosity is being bestowed for the right reasons and not simply to buy affection. A solid routine helps to build a disciplined character in the early years of Libra children and they tend to marry while in their twenties.
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