Libra Boys

About Libra Boys

Libra boy is an exceedingly appearance-conscious young fellow. He can always be found in the midst of the "in crowd," so as to ensure he will be seen with all the right people. Something of a "smooth talker," he knows how to say all the right things and will compromise to accommodate others. 

Thus, he can at times be perceived as somewhat superficial, to say nothing of lacking in any true emotional or physical fire. The main interest of the boy governed by Libra is to look good and act pleasantly diplomatic, as opposed to behaving like a brute or building up brawn.
This is a young man who excels at spending money and enjoys such things as designer clothes. He will harbor a desire to be accepted at a school that makes him look as good as Ivy League College, for example, where he can prepare himself for future ascendancy into the "old boy" network of his dreams.
Libra Boy

How To Handle Libra Boys

  • Being amiable, impulsive and demonstrative, Libra boys can scarcely bring themselves to submit to discipline which is forced upon them, but may be lead by gentle appeals to their reason and understanding.
  • Sensible and careful supervision is very important. When admonished in a kindly fashion, they are quick to realize their and admit their faults...and to fully apologize.
  • Libra boys are talkative and prone toward exaggeration. They need to be patiently taught the importance of making decisions, taking a stand or supporting a conviction without being "wishy-washy" and constantly changing their minds.
  • It is also paramount for Libra boys to learn that charm does not always necessarily work. If this lesson is failed to be learned when young, then Libra boys will grow up attempting to charm their way through life...often at the expense of those around them.
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