Libra Favorite Color

Libra Favorite Colors

Libra favorite colors are those in the pastel family, particularly sky blue and rose pink, which symbolize the heights attainable by spiritual and romantic love. Libra natives share the color blue with those governed by the Sign of Virgo. 

Blue is Libra traditional color for sweethearts, possessing influences of love, peace and expressions of happiness. 

Although blue should never be worn on serious or practical occasions, it does have a soothing effect on the nerves. Blue is considered to be the color of the mind. Its effect is of a mental nature (as opposed to the physical reaction created by the color red).
Libra Favorite Color
Strong blues tend to stimulate clear thought, whereas the lighter and softer varieties of this color calm the mind and aid concentration. Thus, blue is both serene and mentally calming. It is the color of clear communication. 
Another Libra favorite color is pink. Being a much lighter variation of the color red, pink affects individuals in a physical sense. However, unlike red, it soothes rather than milder and more affectionate. 

Psychologically, pink is a powerful color...a combination of the purity of white and the passion of red, which results in a color symbolic of gentle love and desire. It represents the feminine principle and survival of the species, symbolic of harmony and friendship as well as romantic love and affection. 

Pink is considered to encourage feelings of comfort and healing yet, an over abundance of this color can be physically draining and somewhat emasculating. 

Pink is sometimes said to serve two purposes. It can be used to exhibit childish innocence (or possibly an inner fear of losing such childish innocence) or a child-like personality. Alternatively, it can be utilized to display a more flirtatious personality. Considered to be a color associated with good health and life, people are often referred to as being "in the pink." In a sexual sense, pink is often thought to be symbolic of purity and pure love. 

This color is also associated with honor and morality. By tradition, pink is the color of baby girls as well as being the color of many newborn animals. Thus, it is representative of gentleness and new birth. 

Other Libra Favorable Color

Orange - White - Lemon - Lilac - Lavender - Royal Blue - Navy Blue
Bright Brown - Bright Black - Variegated Colors

Libra Unfavorable Colors: Green - Smoke Grey - Steel Grey - Dull Brown - Faded Colors 
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