Libra and Taurus Compatibility

Libra and Taurus Love Compatibility

In some instances, Libra and Taurus can be the unification of two halves of a whole. In essence, Libra and Taurus are thought of as being karmic-ally linked. Both are looking for security in a relationship and they do share a love of art, poetry and culture.

This is a partnership that may begin slowly since, on the surface, they might have few common interests. Still, once they come to understand each other, they may learn they have much more in common than was initially apparent. Both partners appreciate fine dining, the theater, music and collecting art.
Libra and Taurus Love Compatibility
Pleasure...physical and a premium for Libra and Taurus alike. Natives of both these Signs love to woo and be wooed. Thus, courtship will be a necessary component of any romantic union and since both have this need, they fit well together.

The Taurus partner is sure to appreciate Libra's charm and if stubborn Taurus fails to get his or her way, then the Libra partner will be able to smooth things over and keep the peace.

In addition, Libra will appreciate the luxuries that sensual Taurus provides. Furthermore, the Libra partner can help Taurus to see different sides of a given situation and the Taurus native will be able to assist Libra in overcoming the notorious indecision associated with this Zodiac Sign.

Various Considerations on Libra and Taurus Compatibility:

Influence of Libra and Taurus Ruling Planets

Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus.

Therefore, the Libra Taurus love combination will share a love of beauty, luxury, affection and romance. Libra is particularly keen on balance and both partners are charming characters with a mutual desire for harmony in personal relationships. However, the influence of Venus can also be problematic in that natives of both Libra and Taurus are prone to laziness and snobbery...Libra based on intellect and Taurus regarding possessions.

Influence of Libra and Taurus Governing Elements

Libra is governed by the element of Air while Taurus is governed by the element of Earth.

Basically, Taurus individuals get through life courtesy of reliance upon innate practicality, while Libra relies upon intellectual expression. Taurus is constantly asking how things will help him or her achieve personal goals, whereas Libra focuses on intellectual stimuli...whether it be practical or not. Conflicts can arise here if the Taurus partner seems too possessive or if the Libra partner appears overly flirtatious and social. On occasion, neither will quite understand where the other is coming from. In order for this union to achieve longevity, each must learn to accept that the other's views of the world tend to be different in tone and focus.

Influence of Libra and Taurus Zodiac Qualities

Libra is Cardinal in quality and Taurus is Fixed.

Generally, it will be the Libra native who initiates this relationship and Taurus who will keep it going. The Taurus partner will never budge and Libra needs to understand the stubborn nature of this Sign. With some gentle persuasion, anything may be possible and there is no individual in the Zodiac who is more gifted at gentle, subtle persuasion than a native of Libra. Still, Libra's inherent indecision may irritate the direct and to-the-point native of Taurus...but as long as the Taurus partner can tone down the urge to declare that his or her way is the only acceptable one, then Libra can accept such decisions.

Here, there is a mutual love of pleasure, beauty and culture. Aesthetics will be integral to both partners and their similar tastes can make for a union of great romance and harmony.


In essence, this combination is a very good match. There are common interests and a general meeting of the minds. Both partners appreciate beauty and the finer things of life. It is likely that this pair will need a good influx of money in order to appease their desire for luxury, but in order for this relationship to achieve longevity, then Libra will need to use his or her sense of diplomacy and Taurus will need to exercise patience.
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