Libra and Aries Jealousy Traits

Facts About Libra and Aries Jealousy Traits

Libra and Aries jealousy traits are common to Libra and Aries relationships. Libra is frequently exceedingly romantic by nature...prone to be "in love with love" rather than with any particular person, other than his or herself.

The jealousy inherent in Aries would not be able to endure this type of behavior for very long. Unfortunately, for this union to stand a chance, Aries will have to learn to put up with it.

Actually, Libra and Aries jealousy traits exist in most Libra Aries union due to the tendency for Libra native to acquiesce to the desires of her family and enter a long term commitment with an individual of great potential rather than one she truly loves.
Libra and Aries Jealous Traits
Not minding that much pampering and an abundance of attention will be needed with an Aries sweetheart, since this is a soul who thrives on feeling that he or she is number one in the life of a loved one.

Also, the greatest weakness of an Aries individual in love is the tendency to cross-examine and ask too many questions.
More often, the inherent possessiveness associated with Aries undoubtedly cause Aries partner to put his or her Libra mate through unpleasant time by close questioning regarding their whereabouts and activities……mainly caused by jealousy.

In general, the physically intimate side of a relationship is not as important to Libra natives as it might first appear to be, although they are definitely a flirt and rather enjoys playing one admirer against another.

However, fulfillment is very important to Aries natives in terms of physical intimacy and he or she can be very demanding in this quarter….failure of which will keep Aries in a state of jealous confusion.

Perhaps the worst fault of Aries natives is jealousy. In general, the Libra partner will tolerate the jealous outbursts of Aries mate but she must believe in her mate and be secure with that mate's character.
Here, compromise is not taken well and this woman will quickly exit any union if she discovers she has betrayed herself. It has often been said that the keys to a Libra woman are romance, partnership, commitment, independence and beauty.
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