Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Considering Libra and Aquarius compatibility, I will say; these are two energetic and enthusiastic souls and their relationship is unlikely to ever become stagnant. Natives of both Libra and Aquarius are prone to be attracted to unusual individuals, excitement, and an abundance of activities and socializing.
Hence, there is a better than even chance here that these two will fall head-over-heels in love.
Looking at it, Libra and Aquarius connects on a very high mental level. They share a love of art, people and culture.
Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility
They also have a mutual aversion to restrictive influences in their lives. This couple will get along well because they have such similar needs and do not require more of one another than each are willing to give.

Here are various consideration on Libra and Aquarius compatibility:

Influence of Libra and Aquarius Ruling Planets
Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and Aquarius are ruled by the planet Uranus. 

This combination of influences can be an interesting and productive one. Libra and Aquarius should certainly take on other projects together aside from their romantic liaison, since these two can make great things happen by using their hearts, their urge for progress and their consciousness of the greater good.
Influence of Libra and Aquarius Governing Elements
Both Libra and Aquarius are governed by the element of Air. 

Thus, there is a strong intellectual bond that constantly stimulates ideas, to say nothing of communication styles and skills. Together, Libra and Aquarius will also have many stimulating intellectual discussions about mutual interests and pursuits.
Influence of Libra and Aquarius Zodiac Qualities
Libra is Cardinal in quality and Aquarius is Fixed. Hence, Libra sets things in motion but may experience trouble in seeing them through to conclusion. This is what makes the determined influence of the Aquarius partner so positive...he or she possesses an abundance of follow-through, able to seize Libra's ideas and run with them to the end.
This pair work especially well together since they tend not to argue about who will do what...who will take credit and who will work behind the scenes versus out in the spotlight.
In essence, Libra and Aquarius compatibility issues leads to an exceedingly good combination. Aquarius has near perfect affinities for Libra. Both partners love beauty, society and the human race...all things that help to make this an ideal union.
However, a potential problem may be misunderstandings due to the Aquarius partner being somewhat unpredictable from time to time and, on occasions for no apparent reason, he or she may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate.
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