Leo man Libra woman

Leo Man Libra Woman Love Relationships

Leo man and Libra woman are both outlandish as opposed to reserved, and a smooth union could result given that each has the ability to appreciate and benefit from the positive attributes of the other.

Libra woman does possess the power to calm and soothe her flamboyant Leo man partner and there is potential for this couple to be well-balanced, provided Libra woman is able to lay on sufficient charm and good manners to tame Leo man's direct and acerbic personality.
Leo Man Libra Woman Relationships

Here are positive and negative features of Leo man Libra woman relationships:

Positive features of Leo man Libra woman relationships
  • Libra woman is able to negotiate with an impetus and vigor equal to that of Leo man and both partners tend to take part in one another's projects. If these two can establish a balance, they could move like clockwork and in that event, anything is possible.
  • Leo man will be the leader due to the inherent strength and forceful nature, but Libra woman will quietly take the reins from an intellectual and team-oriented perspective.
  • Leo man adores giving orders via personal authority, while Libra woman tends to charm others into doing things and is more than happy to placate Leo man's giant ego.
  • Here, both individuals adore luxuries, flattery and are artistically inclined.

Negative features of Leo man Libra woman relationships
  • Both Leo man and Libra woman possess exceptionally warm characters, but the compatibility for a favorable union between these two simply seems to be lacking. Leo man enjoys a good fight and an arguing match serves to clear the air for those governed by this Sign, but does little (if anything) to thrill the soul of the peace-loving and harmonious Libra woman.
  • Any attempts to discuss differences in a calm fashion will undoubtedly be met by the fiery temper of Leo man...something the Libra woman finds ugly, unbalanced and uncongenial.
  • In a romantically physical sense, the appetites here are about equal. Libra woman desires glamour and fantasy in the arena of intimacy, looking to her mate to furnish such and if this need is not met, Libra woman is almost sure to begin searching elsewhere.
  • Since women governed by Libra worry most about a loss of youth and attractiveness, they are prone to being flirtatious...usually for reassurance when they receive a positive response. However, this is sure to entice a strong possessive and jealous streak in the Leo man, who will totally horrify Libra woman with his outbursts regarding Libra woman's harmless actions.
Leo man approach to an intimate relationship could be one that is direct and straightforward and, with a different partner, might enter the realm of fantasy. With Libra woman, however, his physical desires are unlikely to be expressed to the fullest extent due to the many hours spent arguing and bickering.
In essence, Leo man Libra woman union is probably a relationship that should be avoided since it can result in the type of situation that often breeds abuse...if not physically, then at least mentally and verbally.
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