How To Win A Libra

 A Detailed Look on How To Win A Libra

How To Win a Libra Heart is to surround a Libra with beauty...lovely objects in good taste, beautiful thoughts, ideas and statements, glorious proposals and projects, for example.

Generally sensual and passionate in terms of romance, Libra subjects love luxury and beauty and prefer that such attributes spill over into the arena of intimacy.
Whether it is being in love with their life, their job or their person, subjects of Libra want to feel the connection of the their world and their mind.
How To Win A Libra

Here are details on how to win a Libra heart:

Through Romance and other accessories that accompany being in love

Those ruled by this Sign adore romance and all of its finest attributes...everything from flowers to poetry to love songs. They also appreciate the accessories that accompany being in love and the state of being in love itself. Indeed, such is often the primary focus in the life of a Libra native.

Good setting, tone and atmosphere

To Libra, love is an idealized vision, complete with setting, tone and atmosphere. Often hesitant to voice likes and dislikes, so to win a Libra heart, it will be important for any mate to coax the Libra partner into speaking his or her mind.

Be attentive to problems and suggestions

In addition, those ruled by this Sign are especially pleased when loved ones lend an ear to their problems and then offer suggestions and comments regarding how better decisions might be made. Indeed, decision-making is not always easy for these "in-the-balance" natives.

Basic neatness and good appearance

Basic neatness in personal appearance...and in other areas of life...will be a plus for any potential mate since natives of this Sign are prone to frown upon untidiness in any form. These are extremely observant souls, especially with regard to those few extra pounds that a mate might have put on over the holiday season. He/she may not expect his/her partner to shed those pounds in a day, but he will certainly expect a careful eye to be maintained on the future diet.

Share appreciation for arts, literature and music

There is much appreciation here for the arts, literature and music and the Libra individuals is more than willing to spend money in these areas. Remember, to Libra, the physically intimate side of a union is only one part of a fine, subtle, artistic and beautiful commitment.
Those governed by Libra prefer partners who can surround them with beauty...lovely objects in good taste, beautiful thoughts, ideas and statements, glorious proposals and projects, for example.
However, any breach of what he/she considers good taste will be found offensive since Libra is, first and last, a social being. Not easy to understand at times, he/she can vacillate terribly over small decisions...where to go for dinner and at what time, for example.
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