How To Ignore A Libra Man

How To Ignore A Libra Man

More than any trait, Libra man is a social person and the best way to ignore him is by avoiding his hangouts. 

Learn the days he goes out to his favorite joints…be it bars, restaurants, and parks, just don't go there. If you must go and still want to ignore him then keep a distance from him or just stay busy with your friends. 

Talk with your friends and laugh it up like you're having the most hilarious conversation in the history of the world.
How to Ignore a Libra Man
If that he is standing in your circle, be extra engaged with everyone else around you. When he talks, scratch your ear or check your phone - act like nothing is happening.

Here are other ways to ignore a Libra man

Avoid eye contact. 

Not making eye contact is the best way to ignore a Libra man

Walk quickly.

Another way to ignore a Libra man is to walk away as quickly as possible.

Stay indifferent and closed up

If you happen to be near him, fold your arms over your chest, cross your legs, slouch, and do anything you need to do to look completely unapproachable. Your body should say, "Don't talk to me, buddy," and hopefully the person will get the message

Use your phone. 

Using your phone will also help you ignore almost anyone. There are a few things you can do to ignore someone with your phone. First, you can just use the phone to look busy whenever you see that person. Talk to someone else on the phone, laughing wildly, or look engrossed in an intense text-message exchange with someone you actually want to talk to.
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