Gemini Man Libra Woman

Gemini Man Libra Woman Love Relationships

Gemini man Libra woman affair is basically an enjoyable relationship rooted in intellectual interests and mental agility. 

The dual nature of Gemini man adores Libra woman's balance and Libra woman cannot fail to be entertained by the chatty and brainy Gemini man.
Libra woman loves art and beauty while Gemini man loves the beauty of an idea...but these loves are not too far from one another. 
Gemini Man Libra Woman Relationships
There is a great deal of mental energy in this pairing and both partners can hatch all sorts of magnificent ideas when working together.

Plus, Libra woman has the "get up and go" ability needed to put those ideas into action...a quality that is often lacking in the Gemini man’s character.

Here are positive and negative features of Gemini man Libra woman Relationships:

Positive Features of Gemini man Libra woman Relationships
  • In the birth of an idea, Gemini man is better at pontificating than direction, but this is a valuable contribution to the Libra woman’s mental process. In addition, both individuals share a need for intellectual freedom...something each can certainly provide to one another.
  • The ability here to work together as an intellectual team can expose each partner to new and different points of view and areas of interest. Thus, each can help the other to open up new worlds.
  • Libra man most often come up with the ideas for where to go on a date, for example, and flexible Gemini woman is more than happy to go along...provided it is in order to change her mind at the last minute.

Negative Feature of Gemini man Libra woman Relationships
  • Gemini partner will have to make Libra woman feel totally independent (which may not likely happen) so that Libra woman can lead her own life since Libra woman rates this aspect of freedom on a higher level than does Gemini man.
  • Gemini man's notable displays of childish temperament could be considered out of line by the Libra woman, although she may respond in a favorable manner to the Gemini man’s insecurities and jealousy that is the root of the problem. Still, if Gemini man takes this too far, or does it too often, then she will lose the sympathy of Libra woman.
Both Gemini man and Libra woman have much in common and sufficient contrast to make for a rather ideal union. Plus, each individual favors similar changes of interests. In this relationship, Libra woman probably plays the judge while Gemini man plays the responsive jury.
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