Libra Man As a Husband

Libra Man as A Husband

The physical intimate side of having Libra man as a husband is only one part of a fine, subtle, artistic and beautiful commitment. 

Generally sensual and passionate in terms of romance, Libra man love luxury and beauty and prefer that such attributes spill over into the arena of intimacy. 

Yes…Libra man appreciates the accessories that accompany being in love and the state of being in love.
Libra Man as A Husband

Here are positive and negative points about having a Libra man as a husband:

Positive Features of Having a Libra Man as A Husband
  • If you have a Libra man as a husband, you are sure of pleasure…physical and aesthetic. You will enjoy fine dining, the theatre, music and collecting art with your Libra man.
  • Libra man will set his sight on love from the very beginning he starts going out with you. He will be quick to learn the ways of loving to be appealing, how to show affection and how to cull your affection.
  • When in marriage with a Libra man, he will surround you with beauty...lovely objects in good taste. He is sure to appreciate your beautiful thoughts, ideas and statements, glorious proposals and projects, for example. Also, he is much concerned with concepts of fairness and equality.
  • Indeed, Libra man is willing to devote an abundance of attention into the process of making your partnership with him beautiful...which frequently includes ignoring some of the harsher realities and avoiding any type of action that could disturb the peace or status quo.
Negative Features of Having A Libra Man as A Husband
  • Having a Libra man as husband? Watch it! Libra men are prone to breaking hearts. Yes…Libra man is not always penitent about this trait but he is by no means consciously ruthless. There is hidden depth here, but most Libra men are fearful of plumbing too deep.
  • Indeed, Libra man adores beauty and beautiful things however, he can at times be too materialistic in his interpretation of beauty. Hence, dating a Libra man you need to understand that most times he tends to skate on the surface...hovering and darting like the magnificent dragonfly and on occasion, his happiness is just as short-lived.
  • It is also important to mention that a man ruled by Libra is not always sincere and believe flirtation to be a civilized art. Yes…Libra man can be a double-dealer, but he is seldom loathed or despised for this quality.
As a lover, Libra man is rather thrilled when you like, approves and gets along well with other persons that he holds dear. In fact; dating a Libra man, you must always be willing to share him with other close ties if the relationship is to survive.
In addition, it will be necessary to constantly strive to be definite and decisive when dealing with Libra man. In short, hardly anything frustrates a Libra man more than to sense a pronounced indecisiveness in his loved one.
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