Constellation Libra Myth

Libra Constellation Myth

Considering Libra constellation myth, I will say; the constellation of Libra is not directly associated with any specific myth. However, it has been connected by some sources to the ancient Egyptian legend related to Anubis who used a scale to weigh the souls of the dead.

The scales have also been associated with Themis, Goddess of Divine Justice and Law. 

Themis was one of the original Titans and is counted among the oldest and most revered of the Greek Goddesses.
Libra Constellation Myth

Here are various myths related to constellation Libra:

Ancient Egyptian Myth related to Constellation Libra
An ancient Egyptian legend Anubis used a scale to weigh the souls of the dead.Portrayed with the head of a jackal, Anubis, Lord of the Dead (also known as Lord of the Mummy Wrappings), and his brother, Apu-at, watched over the two roads that led to the Underworld. Anubis would weigh the souls of the dead to determine their value based upon what the individuals had done on Earth.
Anubis sent worthy souls to the Kingdom of Osiris, which was the equivalent of what the modern era refers to as Heaven. In this respect, Anubis was regarded as a benevolent deity, but he could also be perceived as a dark and terrible figure from whom there was no escape. His attribute, the scales, was a symbol of final judgment. The Greek culture associated Anubis with the God, Hermes, who was often called the Conductor of Souls.
Greek Myth related to Constellation Libra
The Greeks associated scales with Themis. Themis was one of the original Titans and is counted among the oldest and most revered of the Greek Goddesses. Daughter of Gaia, the Earth Goddess, Themis (courtesy of a union with Zeus) was mother of the Seasons, the Hours and, according to some sources, the Three Fates, who determined the destiny of all mortals and souls.
She was once consulted at Delphi as the bestowal of oracles. Themis was considered prophecy incarnate...her oracles derived from a sense of order and connections to nature. On MountOlympus, she personified the social order of law and customs...a reminder that social order is ultimately dependent upon the natural order of the Earth. She is commonly portrayed in art as a woman holding a pair of scales in one hand, a sword in the other and wearing a blindfold.
Other Myths related to Constellation Libra
The origin of a Justice Goddess goes back to antiquity and the Ancient Egyptians referred to her as Maat, Eye of the Universe and Goddess of Cosmic Order. Cherished daughter and confidante of Ra, Maat is also the wife of Thoth. She is often depicted carrying a sword and wearing an ostrich feather in her hair, symbolic of truth and justice, she was connected to the warmth of the Sun and the flame that destroys. The epitome of balance, the other Egyptian deities feasted upon Maat and her wisdom. The roots of the term "magistrate" derive from Maat because she assisted in the judgment of the dead.
In Christian iconography, Saint Michael frequently holds a pair of scales and the Scales of the Last Judgment are also alluded to in the Koran. In Tibet, the pans of the scales used to weigh an individual's good and bad deeds are loaded with white and black pebbles respectively while in Persia, the Angel Rashnu stood beside Mithras and weighed souls at the Bridge of Fate.
Yet another symbolic connection is that of the scales to the Greek God, Cronus, who was once both judge and executioner, measuring out human life on his scales, whether they balanced or not, between years and seasons...days and nights. The image of scales is often being found on Christian graves.
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